Schools warn parents after student reports rape in Seattle park

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crimesceneSEATTLE — School officials sent a letter home to parents Monday after a Denny International Middle School student told police she was raped in a nearby park.

The girl was attacked after school Thursday in Roxhill Park, according to a letter sent home to parents. She described the attacker as a man in his mid 20s.

School staff said they immediately notified the police, her family and nearby schools.

In the letter, school officials said student safety is their top priority and asked students to report anything suspicious.

You can read the letter below:

December 16, 2013

Dear Denny and Sealth Students, Parents and Guardians:

This morning, a Denny International Middle School student reported to a Denny staff member that she had been attacked on Thursday, Dec. 12, at approximately 3:30 PM at Roxhill Park.  Roxhill Park is located south of Westwood Village, across the street from Target.  She reported that she was raped by a stranger that she believed to be in his mid-twenties.  She shared that last Thursday, after school was out, she had gone to Westwood Village with friends.  After about an hour, as she was walking home through Roxhill Park, the attack took place.  Denny staff immediately contacted her family, the Seattle Police Department, and nearby schools.  The Seattle Police Department is actively investigating.

We want to inform all of the students at Denny and Sealth about this and remind you about safety tips for walking to and from school.  The following suggestions are from the Seattle Police Department:

  • Pay close attention to your surroundings, avoid “automatic pilot.”
  • Walk with a purpose; project an assertive, business-like image.
  • Use common sense; plan your route to avoid uninhabited parks, parking lots, garages and alleyways.
  • Stick to well-lit areas.
  • Develop a plan before you see trouble.  Crossing a street or entering a store may get you out of a potentially bad situation.
  • If a car follows you or beckons you while you are walking, do not approach it. Instead, turn and quickly walk the opposite direction.
  • Consider wearing clothing and shoes that you can move freely and quickly in, especially when walking or waiting for the bus.
  • Always plan your route and stay alert to your surroundings.  Avoid shortcuts.  Walk confidently.  Scan your surroundings and make eye contact with people.
  • Avoid walking alone.  Walk or travel with a friend, even during the daytime.
  • Pay attention to the uncomfortable feelings that often warn us of potential danger.
  • Don’t be afraid to cross the street, return to a business, or ask for help based on that “funny feeling.”
  • Be aware of your surroundings and know who is nearby.


All of us at Denny and Sealth consider student safety to be our top priority.  Students, please report anything that happens to you to any adult at school and at home right away—we are all here to help in any way that is needed.  We encourage you to talk with your family and school staff to make sure we have the best plan for you to safely come to and from school.  Please communicate with your family ahead of time if your planned after school routine changes for any reason.



Jeff Clark, Principal                             Aïda Fraser-Hammer, Principal

Denny Int. Middle School                    Chief Sealth Int. High School

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  • Lou

    A man in his mid twenties is a useless description. Are students supposed to be suspicious of every man they see on the street 22-28 years old? It must be a black or Hispanic otherwise they would have said white male, if the girl had described him as white. You are not helping to protect the public with your P.C. schlock reporting.

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