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PAWS helps chilly puppies

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LYNNWOOD- A local animal shelter gave a warm reception to some very chilly dogs from eastern Washington earlier this week.

The Progessive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) took in twelve dogs from a pet rescue facility in Othello. The shelter is under construction and currently without heat.

The dogs were transported on Monday, and included two three-week-old puppies.

The brother and sister puppies were found with their mother who was found tied to a tree in the freezing temperatures.


This puppy is recovering from frostbite after being rescued from a shelter in eastern Washington. He is recovering at PAWS in Lynnwood.

Sadly, four of their siblings had frozen to death.

The puppies are suffering from frostbite, but expected to fully recover.

According to Kay Jourbert, Director of PAWS Companion Animal Shelter, “Other that the frostbite, the puppies appear to be in good health. We’ll continue to bottle feed them, and tend to the frostbite, but they’ll make it through this.”

The rest of the dogs are in fine condition, and will be available for adoption.

For more information on the animals, click here.

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