Puget Sound warming, travel problems Washington

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
rochester ice DAVID OVERBOW

Man-made ice at a nursery near Rochester, WA
Photo: David Overbow

We’re gradually warming things up around the region. We’re still seeing a Winter Weather Advisory in SW Washington and the south coast of Washington for some light snow and a slight chance for some freezing rain.

Already seeing warmer temps by about ten degrees around Washington this morning compared to yesterday at this hour. We’ll see the snow showers and flurries turn into just isolated rain showers and some drizzle. Mostly cloudy this afternoon with a high in Seattle around 40.

If you’re travelling into Oregon you should certainly note that the bitter cold is still trapped at the floor of the Willamette Valley– and wit the topography it will be even slower to warm up in these areas. Moisture coming in OVER that cold air is falling as some light snow and some freezing rain in some spots from Portland (28 degrees) down to frosty Eugene (currently 12 degrees). Expect to see that slowly turn into some temperatures just barely above freezing as we get into the late afternoon. Some melting today means some icy conditions overnight in some spots for our friends to the south.

We’ll see even more gradual warming tomorrow around Seattle before our first real rain returns to the picture. By Thursday afternoon– everyone sees some plain old rain. Even warmer this weekend with temps near 50 degrees– sounds almost tropical compared to where we’ve been over the last week. Enjoy! ;)

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