Kaepernick headphone ad upsets some Seahawks fans

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SEATTLE — Sure, most Seattle Seahawks fans don’t like to see the San Francisco 49ers or their starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick win games.

But do fans lather into a rage of obscenities and hotdog-throwing when Kaepernick’s bus comes to town?

Well, that’s what one headphone ad would have you believe.

Seahawks fans across the area are upset that a new advertisement from headphone company Beats by Dre portrays fans in blue and green colors vehemently screaming at the 49ers quarterback. Fans — while never officially labeled as Hawks fans — berate the third-year quarterback with threats, vulgar obscenities and jeers.

The commercial has upset plenty of Seahawks fans at their portray.

KJR sports“This is offensive not only as a Seahawks fan, but also as a football fan,” one commenter said on sportsradioKJR.com.

What do you think, Seahawks fans?

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  • DAJ81

    As a season ticket holder, I see regular bad mouthing happen all the time, especially against division rivals. But this commercial is completely outrageous if it is trying to suggest the Kaep gets treated that way in Seattle. People honk and raise flags out the window or pump their shirts when they see the bus on the road. I hear 12's screaming "NINERS SUCK" but are typically told not to act like their fans. Remember that MNF game that 49er fans chanted "SEAHAWKS SUCK! SEAHAWKS SUCK!" after they beat St. Louis. The rivalry between these two teams is far from the nature of screaming into the face of the other team and much more to the point of drawing national attention. I am disappointed that they would make the commercial and hope that that kind of treatment doesn't actually happen to him next time he visits CLink, especially considering that it may come this January.

    • Timothy bailey

      Seahawks are the most in classiest fans in the NFL Richard Sherman found the right organization because he is a classless punk too. Seattle fans were spitting on the rams player that was ejected unjustly in week 17 for example. They lack humility despite a history of consistant losing usaually is love to go for the underdog, but NEVER would I root for trash like the unclassy Richard Sherman, or the disgusting fans. Can’t wait to see Manning light their ass on fire. Russell Wilson is the only thing saving their image.

  • penguins_cc

    Seriously folks – do you really need to do this? It's a stupid ad for headphones. Do you want to go and sue the makers of Tecmo Bowl while you're at it? Do you really think that the whole world now thinks Seattle fans are the spitting image of the Kaep advertisement? Do you really think this advertisement was meant to degrade Seattle? This amount of whining is embarrassing, coming from a die-hard Hawks fan. It's an ad for stupid HEADPHONE folks. Go and take your energy to the field on Sundays.

  • Michelle

    And we wonder why kids bully… really? I don’t care who this commercial is supposed to portray but it is tasteless and just flat out rude! We all know things like this happen at games but really.. a commercial? won’t buy those!

  • CutiepieTy

    As the woman who's face is displayed in the picture above as the Eccentric Seahawk fan, I don't believe this is a DISS to the Seattle Seahawks!! I think it's AWESOME that this rivalry has gotten to the point where there are commercials being made about it and especially that they're depicting Seattle as the most vicious place to play in the NFL. Sure it was nasty & violent, but this wasn't security camera footage – this was a doctored/exaggerated/scripted Hollywood commercial which used actors – not fans; and it worked.

    I'm proud that we – the 12th man – is the nightmare the Colin Kapernick has to deal with all season long, and I'm proud that we haunt him even in cheesy commercials about expensive headphones. I love my hometown/team and was honored to get paid to represent them and YELL at the 49er QB. Washington state has the best/loyal fans in the country. Win or lose I'll always be a fan and our we're #1 in the NFC!!

    • Timothy bailey

      Lol did you say Washington has the most loyal fans. I was half asleep reading these comments and woke right up and had a heart attack almost in laughter Seattle fans are a JOKE. They are the worst fan base I have ever seen. It’s pathetic, never support your team until they are winning? Not loyal. A stadium had to be built that reflected sound waves to make the stadium louder. Their trash about the 12th man is a rip of from Texas A&M. Get out here with all that mess

  • Mike

    The commercial is of course a bit over the top but as a Niner fan who has gone to many games in Seattle I have seen and experienced some astonishingly vitriolic behavior towards myself and my family .While I do not think the behavior is exclusive to Seahawk fans, the level of hatred towards our team, fans, and city is really quite silly since Seattle and San Francisco share a lot of similarities. I think the rivalry is fun but too often too many hawk fans simply can't handle themselves appropriately at these games; the drinking since 9am probably doesn't help. I won't go to these games anymore at Century Link because I'm tired of putting idiots in their place in front of my family and even having to literally fight off a few. Supporting your team is one thing but being angry and violent towards fellow man over a football game is just plain senseless. I'm a die hard Forty-Niner faithful but I always treat the opposing team's fan with respect. We're all Americans after all.

    • Jessica Bailey

      My husband and I are season ticket holders and generally have a great time at the games. The only time we have had any altercation with an opposing teams fan is when the 49ers come to town. A 49ers fan was coming up the stairs high fiving everyone. My husband didn’t give him a high five so the guy choked my husband. He wrapped his hands around my husbands neck and squeezed. Of all the opponents that come to the clink the 49ers fans are the worst. They are combative and mean and have terrible attitudes.

  • frank

    I remember taking my children to a Seahawk vs Cowboys game. My children were 12,9, and 5 at the time. My wife was taking my children to the bathroom and several Seahawk fans jumped in my childrens face yelling you suck because they had on Cowboy jerseys. Seattle fans are always classy, screaming at children good job!!

  • Georgia

    As a Patriot fan who lives on the west coast, I have attended Patriot games in many cities, Phoenix, San Diego, San Franciso, Oakland, and Seattle. My experience in Seattle was by far the worst. We were very badly treated by the fans and I was even phyiscally hit by a Seattle fan in my back while I was quietly walking out of the stadium. I will never attend a sporting event in that city again.

  • mike

    Fact: seattle fans set a noise record against the 49ers
    Fact: drew brees wore earplugs ON THE FIELD DURING THE GAME in seattle.
    Fact: this is an ad for noise cancelling headphones.
    Seattle fans want to be known as the loudest. Now they are. Is this uproar about this ad a case of “be careful what you wish for?” Kaep and Dre just cashed in on the 12th man.

  • sharoman

    From my experience with Seahawk fans this is a pretty accurate depiction of some of their fan base. I have been to a couple of Seattle game wearing my skins gear and their fans can get pretty aggressive. I thought I was at an eagles game at times.

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