Protesters picket outside McDonald’s, demand higher wages

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SEATTLE — McDonald’s was the target here and around the country Wednesday for protesters demanding higher wages for fast-food workers.

In Shoreline, they picketed during the busy lunchtime at McDonald’s on Ballinger Way, stepping in front of the drive-thru and even going into the restaurant to deliver a petition demanding higher wages for employees.

mcdonald’s“He wouldn’t take our information,” protester Katie Evans said of the McDonald’s manager on duty. “He kept saying, ‘It’s private property and you need to leave.’”

Some customers were also unhappy with the demonstrators.

“Stop asking big business to give up what they’re trying to do for the economy and stop asking the government to do more,” said Heidi, as she picked up her order in the drive-thru. “People need to do more for themselves.”

But protesters said they believe momentum is on their side. They are still celebrating a victory in the city of SeaTac, where voters in the November general election backed a $15-an-hour minimum wage. Their sights are now set on Seattle — and  Mayor-elect Ed Murray has shown support for the idea.

“I think it’s the right time and I think it’s a movement that needs support,” said JoAnn Munson while she picketed outside McDonald’s.

“Fifty-two percent of people in minimum wage jobs are 29-34 years old,” said Evans. “That’s nuts; they’ve got families to support.”

If the laws change,  it wouldn’t just target fast-food chains. Local employers and small businesses would also pay more.

Some have even said they would be forced out of business.

The SeaTac minimum wage vote was so close that a recount is under way, and opponents have also vowed to take it to court.

Thursday will bring more protests and calls for  workers to walk off the job.  Demonstrators are to march from SeaTac into Seattle for a rally at City Hall.

Demonstrators will stop at fast-food restaurants along the way and ask  workers to walk off the job and support them.

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  • The World is Ending

    If you want more money get a better job. Fast food is supposed to be an entry level job for someone who is getting a first job, it is not a career, if fast food is all the motivation you have then so be it but you should not receive the same pay as a college grad. And for the ones that say I have a degree, what in? There are degrees that are not worth the paper that they are printed on like ( art history, theater, philosophy, creative writing to name a few) if you chose one of them because "you liked it" then perhaps you may have to do something that most liberals don't believe in and that is to accept the fact that you made a bad choice and accept full responsibility for your decision, and not expect anyone else to pay for your life choices. Finally if you really want to make the same as the owner of the business you work for then do what that person did put everything you own or ever hope to own and take the gamble and start your own business, then you can make the money and pay your employees $15, $20, $25 or more per hour, you can provide all the benefits you want, because it would be your money, and if you choose to do this I honestly and truly do wish you all the best and hope that you succeed.

  • cwl

    FU## YOU Protesters!!! You are LOSERS!! Give your address so we can picket at your trailer house!!! FU## you and your $15. I hope when all the people lose their jobs in sea tac they come see you mother fu##ing losers!!!

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