Redmond Ridge residents speak out against pot rezoning proposal

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — The King County Council tabled a proposed rezoning ordinance that could have paved the way for a marijuana processing facility in Redmond Ridge.

The council held a public hearing Monday, and dozens of residents spoke up in opposition to the rezoning plan.  The big concern was where the facility would go.  The proposed site is along 231st Way Southeast in Redmond Ridge.  A company named Red Ridge has already applied for the license to operate there.

photoMany residents, including Virginia Onu, who has called Redmond Ridge home since 2004, worries this could put her children in danger.

“It doesn’t belong near elementary schools, day cares, after-school programs, it doesn’t belong in our neighborhoods, there is a time and place,” Onu said.

The location is beyond a required 1,000-foot buffer from schools and parks.  Republican state Sen. Andy Hill, who represents Legislative District 45  and lives in Redmond Ridge, said he worries the facility would bring in the wrong crowd and adversely affect property values.

“When you’ve got a product that’s going to have a 75 percent tax placed on it and a viable black market that would love to get its hands on that product tax-free and sell it, my concern is having a processing plant there is going to be a huge magnet for crime,” Hill said.

The King County Council will discuss the plan further at a council meeting set for Monday, Dec. 9.

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  • Schwartzefehen

    These guys are right in their worry about the children. But, come on, the next one in line is their anger over the property value. No one under a certain age can even purchase weed. And a processing plant does not denote a retail business. The worst thing? Someone breaking into the building and stealing plants. Not to mention, I bet some voted for legalization! Get a life Redmond Ridge!

    • Santa

      I don't see how it's so hard to grasp that a marijuana processing plant next to a little league baseball field on one side, a daycare center on the other, and a public park on the other, is just not the best idea. King county has a vast amount of farmland and industrial zones that can be used for this purpose. Get a life Schwarzefehen!

  • 206BenJammin

    These back-woods, uneducated, self-righteous, bible-thumping Teahadists that are up in arms about an agricultural facility would make me sick if they weren't so insanely stupid they make me laugh…although their NIMBY stupidity sure wastes The King County Council's time…

    For starters, if they saw the LCB rules for security for these facilities they would have seen that there's more security than their local bank…and shouldn't they be worried about money corrupting their kids and turning them into bank robbers? Their incessant yammering about how they hate pot is the best way to make their kids try it…but whoops…I forgot they don't read…

    Most importantly, where were they when their local supermarkets hauled in all that alcohol…the most dangerous and deadly drug of them all? Why I'd wager they were at home drinking and beating their dog…or kids…because that's about all they're capable of…

    BTW – "Teahadist" = "I think it, therefore it must be true…"

  • guest

    pot a magnet for crime? are people really just now figuring that one out? kind of like putting booze on every store shelf won't cause more DUI problems! the residents of this state have proven how stupid they are at the polls! now we all get to live with the consequences!

    • PhilDBowl

      Nothing but a bunch of pseudo moralistic know nothing prohibitionists doing whatever they can to perpetuate their Reefer Madness.

      • PhilCPan

        Even the most progressive of liberals understand why there are better places to put this plant than right next to a daycare center and a little league baseball field. Nothing but a bunch of pseudo progressive know-it-all pot heads doing whatever they can to perpetuate the myth that people who don't want pot next door to their toddlers and teenagers are somehow reefer mad.

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