‘Operation Happy Holidays’ leads to arrest of 31 suspected drug dealers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Westlake Park and the 3rd Avenue corridor downtown is all dressed up for the holidays and thanks to Operation Happy Holidays, more welcoming than ever before.

“It’s a good thing because people do illegal stuff on the streets,” downtown worker Demeiko Parker said.

spdPeople doing illegal stuff on the streets of downtown is what led to the three-month multi-agency undercover operation.

“Seattle Police Department, narcotics unit, anti-crime team, gang unit, along with units from the Sheriff’s Office and Metro Transit Police,” Seattle Police Department spokesman, Jeff Kappel said.

All are working together to bring down as many high-level, gang-affiliated drug dealers as possible.

Forty suspects were identified during the operation.  Now, 31 of them are behind bars.

“We were able to document and observe numerous hand to hand drug deals of crack cocaine, powder cocaine, pills and marijuana. We didn’t go after addicts or low level dealers, we were going specifically after drug dealers who were also suspected gang members and potentially violent criminals,” Kappel said.

“I’m always conscious of who’s around me and that I have my bag zipped and who is talking to me just to make sure I’m always making myself as safe as possible,” downtown worker  Jessica McDowell said.

Police say no one downtown should feel that way.

The problem of drugs and gangs has plagued the downtown core for a long time.

There have been calls for action and Happy Holidays is just that.

Police say the worst of the worst were arrested.

“Seventeen of our suspects had three felony convictions, four of them had nine felony convictions, one of them had 12 prior felony convictions so we’re talking some pretty hardcore criminals,” Kappel said.

“I think it’s really important for the city.  I think we have a bad reputation compared to some other major cities and I would like to see it get cleaned up,” McDowell said.

Police say they expect to make more arrests and continue to turn up the heat on the bad guys.

Good news for those who live, work and play downtown.

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  • chuck

    so there are tons of felonies that don't include violence or victims…. so just what are they saying?
    could you be more clear on what felonies these guys were guilty of ?
    felony cannabis?
    its funny. reminds me of when the panam games were in seattle. wait all year or even decades to do anything until there is the chance that visitors may see a homeless guy.

  • Ted

    Not real clear, what kind of operation this was. The “Let’s kick the bums out, so regular people will come in droves, operation, I guess…… I’m sorry, I’m a been there, done that, with Seattle cops,…….and I just don’t trust them. Is this a hooray for cops piece?I ‘m not 3yrs old, so you don’t have to call them “bad guys”, …

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