Bus driver caught having sex outdoors on break

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Community transit

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MARYSVILLE — A bus driver in Snohomish County was placed on paid leave after police allegedly spotted him having consensual sex outside of his bus while he was on break last week, the Everett Herald reported.

According to the Herald, police spotted a 59-year-old male bus driver having sex outside of his bus around 7:15 p.m. Nov. 6 near the intersection of State Avenue and First Street in Marysville.

The driver, who was on a scheduled break, was not arrested, but police reported the incident to Community Transit supervisors. Police don’t plan to seek criminal charges.

No passengers were on the bus at the time, the Herald reported. The driver was having sex with someone who was not employed by Community Transit.

Community Transit is investigating the incident to determine if the driver violated any company regulations.

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  • n8v

    this story is getting more comments on FB than it is here. There is a time and place for extracurricular activity. I'm not saying your not limited to only outside of the time clock hours, and besides the story only says "The driver was having sex with someone who was not employed by Community Transit." that could just as well be his Wife. tbh I cannot believe we are actually reading about others sex life. nobdoy was hurt, nobody cares.

    • dirt

      and on his own time too. Whats wrong with that. At least he isn't like law enforcement that usually do it on our dime. should get some kind of award.

    • dirt

      My response was deleted any guess why its getting more comments on fb? You can at least exercise your 1st amendment right without being censored because someone doesn't agree with them. Fox now that says it all.

  • Crystal Blue

    Outside the bus, in public? That is a bit edgy…but his business. Except isn't there laws about indecent exposure? Also, I would say if it is a regular rider, that may be questionable. As a driver, was he taking advantage. Was he paying for it…lots of missing information here.

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