Man charged with leaving kids, 3 and 5, alone in squalor

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAKEWOOD — A Pierce County man was charged with abusing his two young children Thursday after police found them alone in his apartment, surrounded by trash and left with nothing to eat, the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office said.

Child Abuse GenericPolice were dispatched on Nov. 6 to Quintin Dublin’s home in the 5000 block of 82nd Avenue Southwest after receiving calls that a girl and a boy, ages 5 and 3, were left alone in the apartment while their father went to work.

According to the prosecutor’s office, police knocked on the door and the 5-year-old girl opened, wearing only a soiled diaper. She allegedly told police her dad was at work. Police quickly noticed dirty diapers lining the ground, and trash on every counter, police said. They said the young boy wasn’t wearing any clothing and both children were ridden with lice.

When asked if they had anything to eat, the children said they had cereal the day before. Police asked where their mother was, and the young girl allegedly told them she lived a “long ways away.”

The children were driven to the police station and fed. Police interviewed Dublin at his job at Joint-Base Lewis McChord. Dublin allegedly said he had pulled the children out of day-care the week before, and was looking for a sitter. He allegedly admitted to leaving the kids alone.

Dublin was arrested and charged with second-degree abandonment of a dependent, second-degree criminal mistreatment and reckless endangerment in Pierce County Superior Court. He is in Pierce County Jail, and the children were placed in child protective services.


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  • Been there as a kid

    And most likely, the guy was simply trying to actually take care of his kids. FFS, he was at work, not like he was out pimping or selling drugs. He's at work probably trying to keep a roof over their head since a single parent's income is hardly enough for that these days. He probably doesn't have anyone he can turn to for babysitting, and certainly can't afford daycare.. As someone who WAS a child in that situation, I can understand his dilemma.

    • Megan

      And I was there as well, but my parent's didn't leave me in a dirty, soiled home with no food. I stayed home and watched my siblings from the time I was 9 until I moved out. I was old enough to at that point, at least make sandwiches, eggs, etc. and could change my siblings diapers. I can understand being in a tight spot, needing to go to work and no sitter, but there is absolutely no reason he had to leave them like that. He could have cleaned up his apartment, and left food. They have food banks if you cannot afford to buy food. He also lived in an apartment building and obviously had neighbors who cared about the kids (as they called protective services). He could easily ask one of his neighbors to watch the kids. He was paying child care until last week.
      The other though, is he works at Joint-Base Lewis McChord, which means he's military. I know there are PLENTY of military wives who would help out! He just didn't ask.
      Pride is an evil thing.

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