Machinist union’s president calls Boeing’s contract offer ‘crap’

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boeingSEATTLE – Boeing and the Machinist Union are negotiating a new contract. But already, many machinists are saying negotiations won’t get far.

“It’s a piece of crap,” Machinists Union Local 751 President Tom Wroblewski said of the deal at the union’s first meeting Thursday night.

The proposed deal is an 8 year agreement between Boeing and machinists. It would provide a 1 percent pay raise every other year and include a 10,000 dollar signing bonus.

But, the law would bring changes to wages for new hires would raise healthcare costs for the rank-and-file.  Under the new contract, it would take a new hire 16 years to reach the top of the pay scale instead of the current six years.  Machinists pensions would change to a 401K savings plan.

The union was originally scheduled to vote next week, but Wroblewski said a vote on the contract is doubtful, as he and many union members are not satisfied with its current form.

Lawmakers in Olympia are debating a 8.7 billion dollar tax break bill geared towards Boeing for the company to build its new 777X jet in Washington State.  A deal that could secure thousands of jobs possibly for the next decade.  However, Boeing has said it all hinges on whether the Machinist Union  will accept its offer.

Shortly after the Union meeting Thursday, Boeing released a statement, saying “We chose to engage in Puget Sound first, but without full acceptance by the union and legislature, we will be left with no choice but to open up the process competitively and pursue other options for locating the 777X work. If this is not ratified per the scheduled union vote on November 13th, we will begin taking the next steps.”

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  • Chris

    lol I like how they’re targeting the 30,000 laborers saying they need to scale the back in order to stay competitive. What about all over the overpaid management on the other side of the line? The pensions are nominal, they’re not serious about their threat of needing to build a cost competitive structure until they scale back across the board. Until Jim and ray Conner forgo their fat bonuses I will never believe a word they say about needing to cut back on the laborers to stay competitive. Take the plane to SC and watch it have another three year delivery delay, two failed planes in a row and I think airbus will look wicked good for customers

  • Ferdinand

    For years the Union has held a gun to Boeings head, knowing the Puget Sound was the only place Boeing could build Aircraft. Not the case anymore. So either the Union stops their belly aching and takes the deal (like we ALL do), or they can be happy with no pay, no benefits.

    If they aspire to be something more than mechanics then go to College, get an Engineering degree followed by an MBA and get a corporate job.

    • Robert Pabst

      Ok if you feel like we are holding a gun to Beoings head, look at it this way, do you really want a bunch of underpaid redknecks that cant build the plane they are already trying to build and then send to us to fix? Or do you want it built right? And safe? You have no idea how bad the south is doing. Also the raises they are offering do not even keep up with inflataion. You are someone looking in from the outside and have no idea what kind of crap we put up with here. SO until you know the facts, keep you uninformed nose out of it. How would you like a pay cut and higher cost on everything? Ya thought so.

    • Greg

      well ferdinand boeing in S C cant even assemble a787 in a month they were suppose to do three a month by the end of summer of 2013 . puget sound and portland are stepping up to meet the demand. I hope that I don't have to fly on one that was made in S C. the plant in S C lost their declaration to manufacture parts. poor quality workmanship? (sounds like it )

  • Your Mama

    Vision 2016 has finally arrived. Many of you were not even born when the company started to talk about their vision. All businesses have changed– Take the proposal and do the math yourself.- It isn't so bad. If you are looking after your brothers and sisters, then look after them inside the plant. If your looking after people that hire in after you, then show them you have a good work ethic– I've seen more activity just today with the march, some of those people run when you ask for help. if you want the company to leave the Puget Sound area pack your bags– It will get like Detroit in a few years with no job growth and more crime–Take your 10,000 and invest.. You know most of you are closet voters anyway. Remember your Black Sabbath brothers,, "For those that listen to fools……, the mob rules".

    • greg

      10,000 =5300 after bonus tax sounds like a poor investment to me remember Enron. what a scam by a company that took the employees money and froze their ability to sell the stock. except for the higher management that was allowed to cash out. the workforce savings was sucked dry

  • The World is Ending

    Boing may just move operations to a right to work state, and if they do it will reduce the bargaining power the union has when the next contract is due, because Boing can then just shift operations to that plant.

  • Machinist

    If we don’t get at least a 67 percent NO vote, we take the contract by default. Boeing knows this. They have done the math, and this will be the likely outcome.

    • greg

      sorry you are wrong this is not a contract proposal this is a extension a simple majority is all that is needed you cannot strike because you have a existing contract check it out. remember boeing would have up and moved if they thought they could. I work for a manufacturer that threatens us every six months but yet at our union wage we are able to produce your favorite cookie for less than their plants in Mexico. our wage is at the top in food manufacturing industry. our ceo makes 113 000 per day and just received a 40% pay raise what will boeings ceo get for pulling this one off. MAN UP skilled labor is a value that creates wealth for corporations. you deserve a share of the wealth

  • non ofurs

    this state needs to become a right to work state and get ride of these money sucking unions, leave the choice to the employees not some dude who sits behind a desk sucking and using all the money they take from there so called members who they can give a rats ass about as along as they pay the fee every check. The employees can get and work themselves a contract w/ the company without high paid unions reps.

    • greg

      organized labor is what gave you over 35 benefit that all worker receive 40 hour work weeks ,overtime pay, worker,s comp. for injuries just to name a few. please take a look at labor history of the coal mines and slave labor some of the things you take for granite people died.

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