State Patrol investigating cheating allegations at police academy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

spdSEATTLE – The discovery of a computer thumb drive containing both questions and answers of an unauthorized study guide has prompted an investigation at Washington State’s school for new police recruits.

The problem came to light when a new recruit told administrators that the thumb drive was circulating through two of the three classes of new recruits.

“I am deeply disappointed in the recruits who used or had knowledge about the existence of this material and did not come forward to report it,” said Sue Rahr, director of the Washington State Criminal Justice Commission.  “It tarnishes the integrity of our profession and damages public trust.”

The Washington State Patrol is leading the investigation into allegations of cheating.

Rarh said she doesn’t know how long the material on the thumb drive has been circulating through recruits.

“Effective immediately we are operating as if all tests have been compromised,” said Rahr in a statement. “The two classes that we know had access to test questions and answers will be required to pass an additional, newly created, comprehensive test in order to graduate.”

Other than officers with the Washington State Patrol, every cop in Washington must complete the Basic Law Enforcement Academy at the Criminal Justice Training Commission.

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  • AndyBlue

    Amazing… No wonder officers in Washington don't know the law and think they can violate your rights. This is theft, This is corruption before badges are even issued. This SHOULD disqualify these cadets from ever getting badges. They have committed fraud before even getting out of the academy.

    Everything Sue Rahr gets involved with always costs the tax payers and turns out to be shady.

    Look at the mess she left the King County Sheriffs Department in. She KNEW we were all being defrauded for accountability PROVEN by two audits. This resulted in MILLIONS in lawsuits and settlements because deputies knew they had free reign.

    "Materials on a computer thumb drive — a small, portable data-storage device — THAT DATED BACK SEVERAL YEARS" Apparently it has been easy for human filth to get a badge for many many years.

    Sue Rahr should be charged for the crimes and fraud she committed against the people of King County only to walk away scott free.

    This woman should have NO involvement with the police academy training center.

  • amused1

    Why do you have a lead picture showing Seattle Police Officers on this story? The academy trains all Officers in the state (sans State Patrol).

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