Driver who killed couple in crash will spend 2 more years in prison

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Daniel Habeeb, who slammed his SUV into a another vehicle in November 2011, killing a Seattle couple, was sentenced Monday to 65 months for the fatal high-speed crash.  Since he has been behind bars for two years since the crash, the 45-year-old will now spend an additional two years in prison.

habeebLaura Sheard, a UW medical student, and her boyfriend Kristopher Martin were killed instantly when they were rear-ended at high speed by Habeeb, who had his 10-year-old daughter and her friend in his SUV.

“Laura and Kris had pretty much every one of their bones broken and bodies burned beyond recognition while Daniel Habeeb was able to walk away from his vehicle for a second time with minor cuts and bruises,” said Amanda Ryan, Laura Sheard’s sister.

Just two years earlier, Habeeb killed 65-year-old Susan Peek, again driving erratically at high speed.

“The legal system that should have protected them failed miserably.  Mr. Habeeb, who had killed before, was allowed to go free and do it again.  One life lost was too much.  Three is unconscionable,” said Carol Sheard, the victim’s mother.

In the 2009 case, Habeeb was given a one-year suspended sentence with the agreement he receive mental health treatment.  He admitted not taking his medication or reporting more frequent episodes to his therapist.

“The world is a darker place since you killed them Mr. Habeeb.  You may think having their blood on your hands is an insurmountable debt and you would be correct, but whether or not you deserve a third chance from society after killing and injuring so many people, it sounds like you’re about to get one,” said Theresa Ulrich, the victim’s sister.

In a move that surprised nearly everyone in court, Judge Douglas North denied a plea agreement that would have freed Habeeb immediately.  Instead, he will serve two more years behind bars.

“The thought of him getting out today was devastating.  The fact he has another two years is a little bit of relief.  Nothing is going to make up for what he’s done.  It doesn’t feel like enough but I recognize the judge and prosecutors are making an effort to do the best they could and we are grateful for that,” said Ryan.

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  • Voter

    The piece of human garbage, known as Daniel Habeeb, should NOT be let out of prison again. How many people will he kill in the future? He is a danger to society.

  • Chris

    So he killed someone first and they gave him a suspended sentence as long as he pinky swore that he would get mental health treatment? Sounds like ALL that were involved in this decision have blood on their hands. This guy is a vehicular serial killer being aided by our crappy court system.

  • Maria888

    Heartbreaking! Guess you get away with murder as long as your car is the weapon!! What idiot judge thought the first sentence was appropriate? This murdering monster should have a life sentence. Thanks to our moronic justice system he will be out and killing again soon.

  • Bince

    Imagine how the families of ALL this guy's victims must feel. The fact that he walked away free the first time he killed somebody with his driving , then DID IT AGAIN (!) shortly thereafter…..well, that just has to magnify their frustration in a huge way. Does anyone even doubt that this guy will go out and cause another horrific crash as soon as he can get his hands on some car keys ?

    No words.

  • Jessica

    It’s really sad to see how twisted our court system is. Who in their right mind would let this guy out to do the same thing again in just two more years? I am sad that this is the only outcome this worthless being is facing.

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