Sandy Hook Elementary School being demolished

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sandy-hook-school-636NEWTOWN, Conn. – Demolition is under way on the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Last month, Newtown voters agreed to demolish the school and build a new one on the site of last December’s tragedy in which 20 kids and six adults were shot and killed by a lone gunman.

Workers hope to complete the demolition by the one-year mark of the attack. They promise not one trace of the school will remain once it’s completed. ‘The Daily News says the bricks and glass that once made up the school will be pulverized, and the steel will be melted down.

Sandy Hook students have been going to school in a neighboring town since the shootings. The new school, funded by a nearly $50 million state grant, is expected to open by December 2016.

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1 Comment


    The US Government and the State of Connecticut is melting the metals and pulverizing all of the materials of Sandy Hook Elementary School and in its place erect a replacement elementary school building for an estimated cost of $49-million US Tax Payer Dollars. This is a rushed and desperate attempt to permanently hide the facts from the public. There are no bullet holes anywhere inside or outside of the Sandy Hook Elementary School building. The walls have no bullet holes, the ceilings and roof have no bullet holes, the window glass have no bullet holes, the floors are not stained with blood. This SIMULATED MASS SHOOTING EVENT was a Full Scale Exercise (FSE) administered by FEMA and Homeland Security.

    An FSE is an Full Scale Evaluation and Learning Exercise designed to test and evaluate the capabilities of our Police and Medical Response Teams during a catastrophic event, these events must be as realistic as possible. The US Government has taken advantage of this FEMA FSE at Sandy Hook and without shame has used this simulated event to promote their political agenda in an attempt to Dissarm the US Public, which is a violation of US Citizens' Rights and a violation of the US Constitution.

    Physical evidence was never shown to the public. The News Media, Federal and City Officials and all of the people surrounding the Sandy Hook School event all had a job to do… it was to sway Public Opinion against Gun Ownership Laws. Now, these people are trying their best to hide the truth by completely destroying the one thing that can expose their lie. Just one inspection of the interior of the Sandy Hook Elementary School building will reveal the secrets and the truth.

    May God have mercy on their souls of those responsible for using children as chess pieces… for they will not rest with the burdens and mental anguish that they have placed on the people, all for the sake of politics. If you have the curiosity and the time to seek the truth you too can check this for yourself and discover the true facts and uncover the lies. I do not like to be told lies so when I had questions I took the time to investigate the stories, images, videos and documents that are available to anyone with an internet connection and I came to these conclusions on my own. Sadly, as time goes on, these pieces of incriminating evidence will eventually be blocked and removed from the internet.

    To learn more about more about the FEMA FSE Program do a Google Search for:


    and also search for:

    Lessons Learned Information Sharing

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