Nathan Hale H.S. principal attacked by student back from suspension, school says

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Nathan Hale High School Principal Jill Hudson

SEATTLE — The principal at Seattle’s Nathan Hale High School, Jill Hudson, was assaulted in the cafeteria Thursday by a student returning from a three-day suspension, the school said in a robo call to parents.  She was not seriously hurt, the call said.

“Staff called 911 and the student was arrested,” the call said, adding that the student “will not be allowed back into our school.”

No other details were provided, and the student’s motive was not disclosed.





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  • Skylight guy

    I will be honest, as a student at Nathan Hale I believe Hudson is guilty of abusing her authority. Now, I am not defending the attacker (who I personally know) but I do think she acted deliberately to provoke him

    In the past I have witnessed first hand incidents where she purposely went after a student who its safe assume she had a grudge against. These incidents include manipulating school rules so that a student would have to be suspended, given extra detentions, or other things like that. Hudson's rein of terror regularly targets are people who do not live up to her standards and disagree with her polices (Both students AND Teachers are victims).

    Normally teachers and administration do not bat an eye at students using their phones on school ground, as long as its not in class. I am strongly of the opinion that she confiscated the students cell phone because she was angry at him for not meeting her twisted "standards" (Which I gather have a special foot note about not being gay, ask me how I know) and because this student refused to acknowledge her extraordinarily over grown ego.