11-year-old arrested after allegedly bringing gun, 400 rounds to school

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Frontier Middle School in Vancouver, Wash. (Photo credit: Zachary Kaufman/The Columbian)

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Police arrested an 11-year-old student at Frontier Middle School Wednesday on an attempted murder charge after officers located a handgun, more than 400 rounds of ammunition, and multiples knives that they said he had brought to the school.

The Vancouver Police Department said in a news release that officers were called to the middle school at about 9:20 a.m. “for the report that ammunition had been located at the school. Officers arrived and located over 400 rounds of ammunition, multiple knives, a handgun and the student responsible for bringing those items to the school.  The school was placed into lockdown for approximately two hours while officers were at the campus. There were no injuries related to this incident.

“An 11-year-old male, who is student at the school, was interviewed by detectives and subsequently arrested for one count of attempted murder and booked this evening into the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center,” the release said.

The investigation is continuing, it said, adding that no other details would be released Wednesday night.

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    • Think for yourself.

      A family of FOUR were Mass Murdered last weekend by a drunk driver. We need regulation to ban all cars and all booze. I know jose will be onboard with this because more people die from druck driving than guns. Seeing how driving is not a Constitutional right like the 2 Amendment it should be easy to ban all cars and booze. jose We must apply the same logic to combat druck driving as your gun regulation and ban people from owning cars or restricting them so much they cant be used. Cars kill, booze kills, stop them now! Who's with me.

  • Chris

    We don’t need regulation… We need to arrest and put down the retarded parents who make these items available to the kids…. Arrest his parents too…

  • George

    We have regulation, over 30.000 gun laws…

    You may have noticed, every attack has ALWAYS occurred in a "gun free" zone and 99% of the time it's in a city or state that has so called "gun bans" in place.

    You may also notice that violent crime has skyrocketed since oh…2008

  • what ever

    Fact is responsible gun owners don't make it in the news every morning , its real easy to point the finger jose when all you get is the bad news never mind the million responsible gun owners and how they never hurt any one lets just talk about all the idiots who were destine to make bad decisions even if guns did not exist, if it weren't a gun it would have been a bomb if not a bomb then a knife if no knife then a sharp stick so on and so forth the real issue is stupid gun owners that don't take the time to properly secure their fire arms and i believe if your going to put a gun in your house you owe it to the rest of the world to teach every one in that house just how dangerous that weapon is and teach them to respect human life. people that commit crimes should be punished but don't go throwing every gun owner under the bus when some idiot water headed child makes a childish decision and takes a gun to school with ill intent because his parents didn't take the proper precautions……..chaps my ***

  • george

    Could be a .22 and a single small box of ammo. They come in 500 round boxes, so don't get excited about the amount of ammo. Plus, silly writers, don't say just what the kid was doing. Trying to shoot somebody? Or just showing it off in his locker?
    jose cracks me up. So, seriously, you think we do NOT already have regulation?? Wow, what rock do you live under dude.
    Do you say the same thing when there's a car accident? I'm guessing here, but I'll say "no". But FAR, FAR more people die that way than with guns at schools.
    How about that kid that just murdered his teacher with a box cutter? IF, you could eliminate all guns, how long before you think that becomes common? Then what will you do? Call for more regulations on "box cutters"?
    No, how about actually trying to solve the problem, and not some radical liberal knee jerk reaction. The radical liberals, haven't even TRIED to solve this problem yet, just used it as an opportunity to gain more gun restrictions! They STILL won't even blame any of this on the crummy "culture of violence" out there, because that would be blaming themselves!

      • Paul Smith

        Ralph, someone points out truth or asks that we get more facts about this event and thats a "holier than thou" knee jerk response? I feel sorry for you that truth gets in the way of your agenda. It must be so upsetting to live life afraid of facts, truth and reality. It must consume your life believing that punishing those that dont agree with you is the way to get satisfaction. Why has the hatered and venom gotten so much worse in the past 4 years? I have never seen such a devided country. Every time something bad happens its the fault of a faceless political grounp in your comunity not the actual perpatrator. Every event now days is blamed on some political parties voters. Your neighbor is not the enemy. Your leaders are lying to us and failing us. The work for us but treat us like surfs. Stop the political name calling and demand your employees (government) do the right thing.

  • Ted

    This kid was a ‘real’ threat. And they didn’t kill him. LAPD could learn something here. Once a week you can find articles on questionable responses to police calls. This is nothing new. When we Ilived there, my girlfriend and I witnessed the’cops’ kicking a guy in the face, while not responding, people around protested, loudly. The two loudest, were arrested and handcuffed.(women). Only after one of the officers pointed a gun at them. We knew to, not say a thing, and walk away. (quiety) It was shocking to say the least. Then just weeks later it happened again. We, then knew, it was time to move….

  • Wild Bill

    Interesting on Jose's comments. But Hose doesen't say anything about Mexico's gun control. Is Hosey a legal citizen?. Funny how all this schitt goes down in liberal blue states.

  • Samstewartsam

    What is with the kids in these blue states?? Do liberal parents let their children do anything they want without repercussions?? How did this child get to this point??

  • Paul Smith

    Why must it be a liberal or conservative thing? You stupid people get over the politics of this, its not politics tthat perpitrate the events, focuse on the fact that people do stupid things, kids do stupid things, bad people do bad things. It does not mean that because one person make a bad decision or one bad person does a bad thing that everyone else is bad. Why dont those that blame all gun owners for one persons bad behavior blame all drivers for a drunk driver killing people of the liquor companies of drinkers for the same. The logic is so flawed and simple minded its pathetic that someone even tries to make such and argument. To punish everyone (law abiding citizens) for the acts of criminals is absurd and the actions of tyrants.

  • William

    And this kid id still alive? Really? He was not gunned down by a cop? They really took some one ALIVE? WOW. O yea, the kid is so in the wrong but I cant get past the fact that they did not kill him and that they took him alive. That's unheard of. I wonder if the cops are going to get fired for not shooting him.

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