Poll shows Murray with 17-point lead over McGinn in mayoral race

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

pollSEATTLE — State Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, leads Mayor Mike McGinn by 17 percentage points in the Nov. 5 mayoral race, according to a new public poll released Monday by Strategies 360, a nonpartisan communications and research firm.  The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9%.

The live telephone survey of 400 likely voters was conducted Oct. 14-16, said Strategies 360, which says it is not supporting either candidate and that none of its clients paid for the polling.

The research firm said Murray led McGinn 51-34% despite respondents’ positive view of the city’s economy; 73 percent of those surveyed said the economy of Seattle was in good shape. However, only 48 percent said things in the city are generally moving in the right direction, while 46 percent had mixed opinions or said the city was on the wrong track.

The starkest difference between the two candidates was in their favorability ratings. Just 12 percent of respondents view Murray unfavorably, the firm says, while McGinn was viewed unfavorably by 42 percent. By contrast, 60 percent had a favorable impression of Murray compared with 47 percent for McGinn.

McGinn and Murray were running roughly even among voters between 18 and 44, but Murray enjoyed a substantial lead among older voters, the firm said.

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  • Guest

    Seriously? The only difference between these candidates and the many before them is… well, nothing. Which one wants to be more like San Francisco? Seattle has always strived to be like good ol San Fran anyway. It won't be too long now that we will have our own Folsom Street Fair if we don't already. Who can be more liberal and "progressive?!" Seattle… what a garbage city. It will be the next Detcisco (a combo of Detroit and San Fran. Guns will be banned but the gun violence will skyrocket soon after, and continue to climb; and public sex and nudity will be welcome even in the presence of kids. Can't wait!

  • Guest

    ….oh and all the good people will move out and the scum and bums (yes, I said bums) will be left. That is my prophecy for the emerald city.

  • Slam1263

    "Strategies 360, a nonpartisan communications and research firm"

    Isn't that the same group that shares a space with the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, or what was, seeing how Michael King embezzled all of their money?

    Hardly what I would call non partisan, especially after looking at their website.

  • jeff

    Politics, If I was in Seattle I would be voting for Murray. It's a choice of who would be a little more closer to the center. Murray being a state senator gives him more credibility. I voted for Romney, for that no apologies.

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