Caregiver allegedly assaulted 90-year-old dementia patient

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

cameronmalizio cropOLYMPIA — A former caregiver for the elderly has been charged with second-degree assault after a co-worker reported he stuffed a washcloth into the mouth of an elderly dementia patient. The co-worker also said she witnessed him douse the 90-year-old woman with cold water.

Cameron Malizio, 23, was released from custody Thursday after posting a $5,000 bond. His arraignment is scheduled for Oct. 29.

Malizio was arrested after a co-worker reported the incident.  Olympia police said the incident happened on July 9 at the Garden Courte Memory Care Community in the 600 block of Lilly Road.

A former female caregiver, who was not arrested, is accused of holding the elderly woman’s arms behind her back while Malizio allegedly shoved the washcloth into her mouth.

Court documents said Malizio reportedly told the woman, “You need your mouth washed out.” After allegedly shoving the washcloth into her mouth, police said Malizio held the showerhead over the woman and doused her with cold water.

During the incident, a third caregiver said the resident had a “look of fear” on her face and it appeared as if she couldn’t breathe.

The third caregiver immediately reported the incident to her supervisor and the facility notified police. The investigation took several months, in part because the resident could not remember details of what happened.

Garden Courte immediately fired Malizio and the other caregiver involved in the incident.

We’ll have more on this case on Q13 FOX News at 4  and 5 p.m.

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  • mel

    Shame on all of the "CAREGIVERS", and I use that term loosely, that were involved. I have an 80 year old father with dementia. This is precisely why I don't trust any Heathcare system to give the care you know they'll get at home, Sure , it would make things easier sometimes, but do you hand your MOM or DAD over to IDIOTS like this????? Very sad…..Good luck on judgement day dude~~~~~