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Armed Smoke-Stealing Robber: Pulled knife on clerk who caught him trying to swipe cigarettes

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Olympia police are searching for an armed cigarette-stealing convenience store robber who pulled a knife on the clerk who caught him smuggling smokes.

It happened Monday morning at the Day & Night Grocery.

“He strolled around the store, waiting to strike,” says Laura Wohl with the Olympia Police Department. “Then, he went behind the counter after pulling a bandana up over his face. He stole some cigarettes, and took off after pulling a knife on the clerk. He threatened the clerk with the knife, which we take very seriously, so we’re very interested in finding him.”

To protect himself, the clerk grabbed a step-ladder to hold between them as they both left the store. Despite a K9 search of the area, the robber got away.

Detectives think he’s Hispanic, in his early to mid-20’S, with a light complexion. The bandanna he wore as a mask was black and white.

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