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Police: Check your neighborhood for sex offenders on Halloween

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EVERETT — Halloween is fast approaching and police are sounding the alarm, asking if parents really know their neighbors.

Police in Snohomish County said it’s a good idea to check the sex offender registry before you take your kids out for trick-or-treating.

trick or treatThere are 1,700 registered sex offenders in Snohomish County, and at least a dozen in the neighborhood near Rockefeller Avenue and 36th Street. Most parents said they don’t check to see if any of those sex offenders are on their trick-or-treat route.

Lisa Ellefsen and her 3-year-old daughter Reigna are ready for Halloween.

Their Everett neighborhood lists several sex offenders close by, so they usually go trick-or-treating at grandma’s in Arlington. That’s until Ellefsen checked the sex offender registry near grandma’s house.

“That’s Arlington?” Ellefsen exclaimed when she checked the list. She thought leaving Everett would be a safer bet for Halloween, but Arlington has its share of sex offenders.

“It freaks me out,” she said. “You’ve got to watch your kids, I guess. You can’t hide from the world.”

Pumpkins and cobwebs are already up in some Everett yards. Surprisingly, some sex offenders are allowed to put up Halloween decorations — it all depends on the conditions of their release from jail.

“Look at those conditions of that release,” Shari Ireton with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office said. “Of course, if that person is violating one of those conditions, you definitely want to call 911.”

That’s why police want parents to double-check the registry for their neighborhoods.

“The more informed someone is about what’s going on in their neighborhood or community, that’s the surest form of crime prevention,” Ireton said.

Search your county’s sex offender registry at the links below:

King County

Pierce County

Kitsap County

Thurston County

Snohomish County

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  • TaeKwonDo BlackBelt

    WATCH OUT! AROUND HALF of the Sex Offender registry is outdated, not updated, or does not include addresses (former or current) AT ALL. Many of these only register when released, and then never update their information; they are often not followed up on, often have NO PUBLIC NOTIFICATION (via local newspapers, mailings, or public meetings, and/or are not tracked any further than their initial registration, by any agency's Enforcement divisions.
    In addition, rental and property management companies DO NOT check this registry when they run applications for new renters! The S.O. Registries are NOT LINKED with WA State Patrol's background search database, NOR ARE THEY LINKED BETWEEN COUNTIES! Example: a Level 3 (high-risk) Offender might be listed in the King County registry, but might live in Snohomish County and not even appear in that county's records at all!
    WATCH OUT! Look at the pictures, and study the NON-COMPLIANT section. Also try a better mapping website: http://www.familywatchdog.us

  • RC Castro

    We can never predict when or when an emergency could happen, and to some extent, emergencies could be in a situation between life and death. Protecting ourselves from sex offenders is our own duty, we can never rely on other people on this matter, we should always ready and prepared on how to deal with them. Have some safety gear in you when you are alone or going in unfamiliar place and always be cautious. There is nothing more important than being safe. Having a certain safety application on android phone that helps me track sex offenders on your phone is a must phone, and just a click on a panic button it could create a conference call to a 24/7 call center, a safety network and could escalate a call to a nearest 911 if it's a real emergency, check this site out for more information :http://safetrec.com/about/.

  • tod

    Why do we still have trick or treat activities in this day and age? Let's see…I have an idea. Let's dress our kids up in costumes so that they can not be recognized, have them wear masks so they can't see, send them out unsupervised in the dark out in to the street to knock on the doors of strangers and ask for candy. Then have them eat whatever the stranger gives them. Yeah, that's a tradition we need to continue.

    BTW, there's no factual evidence that sex offenders are molesting kids on Halloween. There is evidence, however, that EVERY year on Halloween night, children are struck and sometimes killed by moving vehicles. Just sayin'.

  • RP

    This is kind of ridiculous, especially if the police are really trotting out this nonsense. What data backs up the idea that sex offenders are typically a threat to kids going around the neighborhood with their parents or friends? Didn’t Washington State’s own study conclude that registration doesn’t do anything about offenses? This is purely sensationalism and scapegoating for weird uncle Jack who might even be a police officer but has never been prosecuted or treated–that’s where the real dangers and offenses are coming from, not people hung out to dry on some list. Sensational hype doesn’t keep kids safe. http://www.alternet.org/sex-amp-relationships/shocking-numbers-police-officers-have-committed-sex-crimes

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