Arrowhead Stadium takes noise record away from Hawks fans

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY — Records are meant to be broken, we guess.

Kansas City Chiefs fans stepped up to the plate Sunday and reclaimed their spot — officially — as the loudest fans and the loudest outdoor stadium in the NFL.


Courtesy wikimedia

According to ESPN, fans at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City recorded a peak noise reading of 137.5 decibels in their 24-7 win over the Oakland Raiders Sunday. The reading breaks the one set earlier this year at CenturyLink Field when Hawks fans recorded a decibel measuring of 136.6.

The Raiders were penalized for several false starts and delay of games in the noise, and players said it was some of the loudest they had ever heard an outdoor stadium.

“It was a tough environment,” Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor told ESPN.

Arrowhead Stadium has 10,000 more seats than Seattle’s CenturyLink Field. There is no word yet if the Seahawks and their fans will try to take down the new noise record set.


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  • sean

    First and foremost, Let me set the record straight. The "official" record only belonged to you for a 4 week term. That was only because the noise level at arrowhead had not been "officially"measured. Arrowhead had held this record for the better part of 2 decades, so please don't complain that we stole this record from you. And let's be honest here.. The design of your new stadium was the catalyst that allowed you to break the record. Furthermore, I have heard a lot of complaints from sea-hawk fans concerning the additional seating capacity of arrowhead. However, not a word about the only 52,000 seats in Galatasaray S.K. And if you had paid attention, you would know arrowhead reaches 125 db any given sunday, and at the time the record was set in the 4th quarter at least 10,000 fans had already left. You had your chance and were beat. But please by all means add an additional 10,000 seats, fly GBW out and scream til your lungs get sore. In the end you will find, You will only be delaying the enviable!

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