Obama: ‘Lift these threats’

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WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama sounded a stern warning Tuesday about the consequences to the nation if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling. He also urged members of Congress to end the partial government shutdown.

“We’re not going to pay ransom for” America paying its bills, he told reporters, placing the blame on the crisis squarely on House Republicans. “Let’s lift these threats from our families and our businesses and let’s get down to work.”

Obama said is happy to talk with Republicans about issues they care about, but that “shouldn’t require threats of a government shutdown” or economic chaos over the heads of the American people.

if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling, “every American could see their 401Ks and home values fall,” and the country would see a “very significant risk” of a deep recession.

Failing to raise the debt ceiling “would be dramatically worse” than a government shutdown, he said.

obamaEarlier, there was high-level phone call between Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, but no immediate sign of progress on reopening the government a week into a partial shutdown or reaching a deal to avoid the first-ever U.S. default next week.

Boehner demanded that Obama and Democrats negotiate with Republicans on steps needed to end the shutdown that began on October 1 and raise the nation’s debt ceiling before the deadline for default on October 17.

“Americans expect us to work out our differences, but refusing to negotiate is an untenable position,” Boehner said, adding that Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are “putting our country on a pretty dangerous path” by rejecting GOP calls for talks.

For more on this CNN story, click here.

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  • Pete

    The American people are tired of all the threats from the Republicans. They are wasting 300 million a day on their GOP federal shutdown. Why do we have to go through this chaos every couple of months? Why can't the Republicans come-up with something constructive for a change?
    Let's be honest, they would like to eliminate Social Security completely and that's where they want to go next. They'd throw your old granny out on the street and give tax breaks to millionaires.

    • Anonymous

      Do you even think?? Glorious Leader Obama himself REFUSES to compromise. He has vetoed ANY piecemeal spending bills from the House that reaches his desk. He has instructed National Park Rangers to make park closures as miserable as possible on everyone. He has instructed Harry Reid to table any bills from the House. Any contracted Catholic priests who volunteer to say Mass for our troops will face arrest. Our parks are being guarded by armed guards, from law abiding citizens. The only thing these “scumbag” Republicans are doing are keeping our republic from descending into a dictatorship!

  • Dick

    The President already compromised years ago as the ACA was moving through the US Congress, Senate and Supreme Court. The Republican shutdown is extortion.

    This whole mess was caused by A. Green men from Mars, B. Ghost of Spiro Agnew or C. The Tea Party Patriots..

  • Matt

    Park rangers have been armed for a decade and a half. So yes they are guarded by armed guards.
    Opening up parts of the govt is not fair to people who are employed by govt but won’t get paid cause they are not on the cool list. Open all or none.
    This is a republican led issue and they are a full third of the blame. The senate dems bear a third and the rest on Obama. In all we have a govt by the people but against the People. Fire them all and start over.

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