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Girl says she fought off man who tried to entice her with candy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FEDERAL WAY — A young 8-year-old girl fought off a man who is believed to have attempted to lure her Saturday afternoon near the Brigadoon Elementary School.

“I heard a guy who said, ‘Do you want some candy?’,” Nevaeh told investigators. “And I screamed, ‘No’ and I ran down the hill and I tripped.”

According to Nevaeh, she was walking across the Brigadoon Elementary School fields to meet up with some friends. It was then that a man approached her and offered her candy. When she ran, and then tripped, Nevaeh said the man caught up with her and grabbed her.

“That’s how the guy caught me — by the waist — and I started screaming,” Nevaeh said. “I started to scratch and bite and then he let go. I ran toward my friends and then back to my friend’s house.”

Nevaeh’s mother said the incident is unnerving. “It freaks me out and it’s that close to a school. I live close to the school so it would be safer,” Laurie, Nevaeh’s mother, said.

Neighbors said there was a similar attack on a young girl in May, but police don’t know if the incidents are related.

Sunday afternoon, Nevaeh and her mother went to the Federal Way Police Department to work with a sketch artist. Fortunately for police, Nevaeh said she has a good memory and can express herself well. She described the suspects as a Hispanic man in his 30s with brown hair and a mustache.

Police hope to release a composite sketch of the suspect Monday.

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  • Lisa

    A possible child abduction happened in Port Townsend last week. Local police weren't too concerned about helping and the local newspaper wouldn't even do a story on it. I think this is scarey, these are young innocent children and need to be taught how to handle a situation like this. And parents need to made aware also. Sad when the local papers and police don't take it serious…

  • Dontletmefindhim

    This gets me fired up!!! I live across the street and have two children. I don’t even let them out to play anywhere alone, not even our fenced backyard!

    We just recently moved to this neighborhood and I be damned something like this happens again. Cops better find this sicko before I do. My prayers are with the girl and her family. One if my children is her age– my child would not be playing with friends, alone at that school!

  • molly

    when did the little girl stop to see the gun in the mans pocket?
    pants pocket? did she see the man or did she hear the man ask if she wanted any candy and then she ran? this story makes no sense at all??

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