FreakNight beefs up security to curb violence, drug overdoses

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.





SEATTLE — The FreakNight event in Seattle is a Halloween celebration,  concert, rave, and party. It kicks off Friday, and over the  weekend will  bring 22,000 people to the WaMu Theater.

“I heard it’s pretty crazy, freaky,” said Makayla Schnacknerberg, who travelled from Bellingham for the concert.

The security plan for the event will be a lot different from last year, when security was overwhelmed with assaults and drug overdoses.

“It was very well attended, and there were huge problems associated with it,” said Sean Whitcomb with Seattle Police.

Whitcomb wouldn’t confirm if undercover officers will be attending the event this year, but said because of the heavy drug use last year, off-duty officers will not be allowed to work the dance.

“When they’re working secondary employment and something illegal is happening in the vicinity, it puts them in an awkward position,” said Whitcomb.

A lack of security at last year’s FreakNight is one of the reasons Seattle PD is stepping up patrols. Organizors of the dance say they are also doubling the number of security personel to nearly 400.

Event organizers are also working with  the University of Washington and King County Health Department to encourage partygoers not to use drugs and stay safe.

There is concern about the use of Molly, an allegedly pure form of ecstacy that can be dangerous, and sometimes deadly. During an electronic dance event at the Gorge last summer. Dozens overdosed and were rushed to the hospital, and one partygoer, 21 year old Patrick Witkowski, died.


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    They dont care as long as they get their undeserved raises. As long as they get something for doing nothing but getting fat and sitting on their A$$e$ they are content. They dont care if we loose our only house as long as they get to keep their condos in Maui and their multiple homes they dont care what happens to us cictzens