JBLM soldier killed in suspected hate crime

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAKEWOOD – A Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier killed in a stabbing has been identified as 20-year-old Tevin Geike. Geike died from injuries he suffered after being stabbed multiple times.

The incident happened around 2:30 a.m Saturday in the 12500 block of Pacific Highway SW in Lakewood. Police said they are looking at the murder as a possible hate crime, but they need to apprehend five suspects allegedly involved in the incident to better determine the cause.

“Truthfully, I still don’t believe it happened,” Candace Marshall said. Marshall said her son was close friends with Geike.

“He was having a party with my family, went for a walk and that is the last time we saw him,” she said.

Marshall said Geike was out celebrating Friday night after being released from the military after serving his contract.

“He was energetic, having fun, and not causing any trouble,” Candace’s son, John Marshall said.

After leaving the motel party, Geike was walking along Pacific Highway SW with two other active duty soldiers when someone in a car shouted out a racial slur — something about them being white.

One of the soldiers with Geike yelled back about disrespecting combat veterans. The car then reportedly turned around and five black men got out of the car and surrounded the soldiers, which led to a verbal altercation.

Lakewood police said when the driver realized that Geike and his friends were combat veterans, he called his friends off but one of the suspects did not listen and stabbed Geike.

Marshall said her son rushed to the scene shortly after the stabbing, but his friend was already dead. “My son believes he is in a nightmare and he will wake up,” she said.

“This is despicable, this is very gut-wrenching. This is a military family,” Army veteran Tyrone Sherrod said. He said he did not know Geike, but he felt it would be best for the suspects to turn themselves in “because this whole community in Lakewood and Tacoma are outraged, and we are not going to stand for it. The saddest part of this whole thing is he died for nothing.”

“It’s upsetting to see that someone who made it through a combat tour, to come back, and his own countrymen are that willing to assault,” Staff Sgt. James Lawrence said.

Police hope surveillance videos from nearby businesses will help them identify the suspects.

The suspect vehicle is described as a midnight blue BMW or VW Jetta with four doors. It has tinted windows and stock rim and low-profile tires.

The suspects are all black males and the main suspect is described as being in his early 20s, about 6-feet, 1-inch tall with a medium build and wearing a blue, zip-up hoodie.

The driver is described as 5-feet, 7-inches tall with short, cropped hair, who was wearing a blue-and-white, horizontal-striped shirt.

The third suspect is described as having short hair and wearing a gray tank top. The fourth suspect is described as being 5-feet, 6- or7-inches tall and was wearing camouflage pants that were described not as “true camouflage” but as a “paintball splat-type” of design.

The fifth suspect is described as 5-feet, 6-inches tall.

jblm soldier

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  • commonsenz

    Say what!….COULD BE a hate crime! COULD BE?!!!!!!! Antagonistic. Do you think the stabber was acting in self defense when he jumped out of the car with his buddies!? COULD BE?!!! It is what it is. Why sugarcoat it. It was a racist hate crime. Hope they find all 5 of them….lovely children.

  • Matt

    The irony is that the black dude stabbed the white dude and its called a hate crime. For now. Soon it will be justified when the stabbers buddy Obama steps in like he did in Florida.

  • esco

    Where's CNN, FOX News and MSNBC? Aren't they going to make this a national story?
    Why not?
    Gotta love how they pick and choose which race related murders are worthy or not worthy for national attention.

      • esco

        What sucks is that when this kind of chaos is happening nobody thinks of getting the license plate number. That would've made all the difference.

    • cafediva

      This racist comment is a perfect example of abject stupidity. The level of ignorance it takes to make this statement boggles the mind.

  • jimmyd

    This is no isolated incident, crime data (black on white crime, murder in particular) is astounding. If you are white and/or hispanic(includes white hispanic):
    A. Arm yourself and learn how to use your weapon.
    B: Know your suroundings. ( a well known GPS company added high crime areas to there avoidance menu, guess who got upset?).
    C. Avoid major cities, towns that have "gun control" laws.

  • brad

    I am soooooooooooooo sick of hearing about shit like this. A veteran fighting for this countries freedom survives battles and comes home only to get killed by 5 fcking drug dealers who haven't done anything but corrupt this country! BLACK PEOPLE when is your race going to get it (and yes I know its not all of you but fucking A get a fucking life people stop thinking this country owes you something!!!!!) ??????? 90% of the murders in this country are black people killing someone for something they don't have!!!! I will say that again 90%!!! If Obama even tries to bail these 5 pieces crap out of this, mark my word it will be a cold day in hell when we have another black president. im tired of being politically correct these five drug dealing pigs need to hang for this! I bet not one of them has a job they are probably on SSI or L and I or welfare and they are at home right now smoking weed and the pager just went off for another fucking drug deal, fucking leaches of society your time is coming! and don't talk about the trayvon thing was the guy that killed him even white??? he looked Mexican to me! sorry just telling it like it is! know what im sayin man? BLOOD?

  • brad

    I and many many others are really tired of this double standard bullshit! before you respond! check your facts! I did! something weed smoking drug dealers don't do. fucking drains on this country!!! when they are caught, kill the guy who did the stabbing by hanging!! the 4 others deport them back to Africa revoked citizenship with a fucking parachute on there backs push them out in the middle of the jungle! Sorry u lost your rights to live in this country and me and all the other law abiding citizens are tired of paying for you to sit in jail for years costing tax payers 40,000.00 a year per person and that's if they are in perfect health for 35 years! COME ON BLACK RACE YOU CAN DO BETTER!! And yes I know its not all of you. JUST TELLING IT LIKE IT IS!

    • cafediva

      You need to get a solid grip on yourself and can this hate-filled garbage you are spouting. Racism will never die in this country because of people like you and the cowards that murdered this soldier. Where in the blue blazes do you get off blaming African Americans for 90% of the crime being committed in this country? Here's a link from the FBI to help educate you: http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the…. President Obama had nothing to do with this and yet more ignorance comes from your keyboard by blaming him for the criminal actions of these knuckleheads. I read the article and I do not recall reading anywhere that these cowards were drug dealers. But maybe you known them personally and are privy to that information. You have chosen to insult a race of people for the actions of less than 2% of its population and justify your behavior by saying you are speaking the truth. Whose truth are you speaking?

  • fedup

    If the black population has less then 2% who are doing crimes, killing whites and each other by the dozens in Chicago alone, then I guess the others have painted themselves black and are not being counted. I do not believe that is a correct statement at all. There are more blacks killing blacks everyday then 2% of the black population. There are dozens of murders black on black by gangs in Chicago, Illinois every day.
    Why should we not feel this way, nearly every murder since Trayvon Martin has been committed by blacks, read the papers, watch the news .

  • Steven

    These fuk negroes cant even serve your your country without being killed by them ,a bunch of stupid idiots who are just murdering everyone filling up the prisons worthless scum.

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