Homeless for a price? $2K for a tour

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
homeless man

Photo courtesy of supertradmum-ethelredesplace.com

SEATTLE — A website called “Real View Tour” is offering people a chance to live like a homeless person in Seattle for three days and two nights. The cost? A mere $2,000.

The website calls it “a private course  in applied homelessness.”

According to the website, the tour guide, Mike, is a 44-year resident of Seattle, who wondered how homeless people survived.

On the website, he writes: “I learned that homelessness is nothing to fear; albeit nothing to aspire to either. In 3 days I will give you a crash experience of the homeless life style. You will gain a new respect for the folks that find themselves in this predicament.”

The tour begins with “transforming your look and persona into that of an anonymous homeless person” and includes a night’s stay at a shelter in the International District.

According to the seattlepi.com, while many people think the tour is a joke, Mike said it is not.

“It’s really not to make money,” he said and considers his tour to be “educational.”

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  • jess

    These people should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of spending $2000 basically mocking the homeless why don’t you try helping those who are less fortunate? Many homeless people aren’t homeless by choice, many have drug and alcohol addictions and do not have the means or the knowledge of how to get help for themselves. Some are mentally ill and have been kicked out of mental institutions due to budget cuts. At the very least some of the money these people are making should go to help the homeless. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Jason Steele

    "It's really not to make money…" Now that I can believe, since no one in their right mind is going to buy this service.

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