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A primer on the state’s Health Exchange

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Washington state’s new Health Exchange is scheduled to go live Tuesday, allowing 1 million Washingtonians who don’t have insurance to sign up for it.

The Exchange, which is mandated by federal law, is meant to be simple to use in addition to offering more than 30 health insurance plan options. Starting Tuesday, residents can view the plans online at the Washington Health Plan Finder.

“You’re going to wind up having an opportunity to make sure you have real limitations on out-of-pocket (expenses), have real, comprehensive coverage. This is real insurance,” Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler said.  “You’re going to be able to go to that site, you’re going to be able to enter into it the number of  family members that you have, if it’s more than just yourself, and you’ll put in the family income.”

Under the Affordable Health Care Act, the subsidy applies to families of four making up to $94,200. The law also limits the amount insurance companies can charge and prevents companies from denying coverage.

“They can’t look at your medical history,” Kreidler said. “Those days are over.”

If you don’t sign up for a health care plan, then get ready to be fined — starting in 2014, those who don’t have insurance coverage will be fined — it’s a strategy meant to create an incentive for everyone to participate.

“The pool works if you have good risk and bad risk people, healthy and the sick, all in the same pool. That helps to lower the cost of healthcare insurance for everybody,” Kreidler explained.

At least one new insurance exchange shopper will be Sen. Patty Murray. Under Obamacare, members of Congress will be required to buy their own insurance for the first time.

“I’m delighted the insurance companies now will have to compete for my business instead of the other way around,” she said.

At a roundtable Murray recently hosted in Seattle about Washington’s new exchange, the senator praised Obamacare.

“We are going to solve a problem for so many people who did not have access to health insurance,” Murray told the crowd. “If there’s challenges, let’s work our way through them and fix them. But the wholesale effort to stop it just doesn’t make sense to me — I can tell you this, this law is not going to be repealed.”

Many Republicans argue that Obamacare will place too heavy of a burden on individuals and businesses, in turn, hurting the economy. The president, on the other hand, insists it’s here to stay and his administration is counting on 7 million people participating.


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  • Justin

    This stupid bill cost me my job! I have seen dozens of my friends go through the same thing! This ridiculous lie costs employers so much more they, as in my case, are reducing jobs to part time hours! Now tat I am broke I am being told I have to buy insurance! I find that unconstitutional personally! I have also listened to major employers threaten to leave the USA over this! Sorry Patti Murray but I do not buy into the lies and I am tired of hearing that there is no proof this hurt jobs! My life is already impacted from it and I am not alone! That IS THE ONLY PART I will remember from this next election!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Patty if this bill is so great why aren’t YOU on it? And why did you vote AGAINST politicians being put on it?? You are a horrible person, a perfect example of a politician.