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John Stains: Sex offender who once threatened to prey on more women is missing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MARYSVILLE — Police are on the hunt for a dangerous Level 3 sex offender.

John E. Stains, 39, is a convicted sex offender who once talked about targeting trails so that he could sexually assault more women.

In 2009, Stains pleaded guilty to a sexual attack — he assaulted a woman he knew and threatened to kill her. It was at that time that he told police he would look for other women to assault.

“People like that need to be locked up forever and not let out at all,” Marysville resident Anthony Sambrano said.

Stains was released from prison and then moved into a transitional home in the 4900 block of 61st Street NE in Marysville. Police kept a close watch on Stains, but when they went to conduct their routine monthly check on Thursday, Stains was no where to be found.

“When we went to the house where he was registered at, they had indicated he had left a couple of weeks prior and he never came back,” Marysville police commander Robb Lamoureux said.

Of concern to authorities is that not only did Stains refuse to participate in sex offender treatment while he was in prison, but his past remarks about wanting to abduct more women to sexually assault them is also worrisome.

“We are not saying he is out there looking for victims now, but you put all of those things together and they are alarming,” Lamoureux said.

The Department of Corrections said Stains’ criminal history started with a misdemeanor in the ’90s followed by a protective-order violation, then the sexual assault four years ago, and now his disappearance.

“That is very scary thing for the community. Where would I end up if he is around here on the loose?,” Marysville resident Yelena Bolotin said.

“I know that house is full of sex offenders,” Sambrano said. But he would rather have Stains live next door than roam the streets.

“It’s terrible. I have a 2-year-old daughter. It’s the worst thing you can think of,” he said.

Police are concerned Stains could re-offend, so they are asking the public to contact them if they see him.

“We want the public to put eyes on his face,” Lamoureux said.

The owner of the transitional home says Stains had lived there for more than a year. He says he reported the sex offender’s disappearance to DOC in early September.

Stains is a white male, 6-feet tall, weighs 210 pounds and has brown hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call 911.

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  • guest

    there ought to be a bounty out on this pervert. when he's found torture him then hang or shoot him.while he's being tortured, inform the public so that those who choose can come watch. time to get this creep off of planet earth.

  • John Fuller

    Well he's probably hiding somewhere in Capitol Hill with the other sexual deviants… After-all, Seattle is the gayest city in the nation. He's probably stalking women and children right now as we speak! Congratulations Seattle… Liberalism is very destructive thing to live with.

  • a ever close

    who has the right to say what happen the night that John Stains did this so called act , I pretty sure not every thing was told like what actually happing , Linda Nixon sister of John Stains were both smoking crack and been have sexual act through out the years , as any one knows the last crack hit is as wanted as the first one is . and all ways one get piss off because the other one take it , then has and mad thought and acts on it , in this case Linda Nixon called in a bogus clam on John Stains and ruing his live , because I know the years Linda Nixon put a lot of people through hell and put false crimes on people and been getting away with it ,because she handcap but she not she is a drunk and a crack head and she sells her medication for pain to money for crack or a bottle of rum and she always says "you can have my crack , but you cant have my rum " The part is she lets people belive her story I think she does to . im please to say I know the true of what happen with both and how Linda Nixon is still putting people through hell every day today and thinking she in the right but is not , she is the prayer in this case.

  • Stacey Brown

    I can sadly say that I was in a relationship with John for over 10 years off and on. And I know this family more than anyone knows. I know that Linda, and his other sister Sonjia, and John all smoked and dranked their beer and ect. And I did try to help this family more times than one. And all I got was the end of the stick. Linda, and as well as Sonjia have lost their kids because of the things that they have done. And I am glad that John is in Jail. Now we wont have to keep looking over our shoulders. He has came to my work more times than I would like. And he would hit on my very young co workers. And I would tell him to stop. But just like he did with me. Never listened. I have gone through so much with that family. I have been sexually abused by john, and physically and mentally abused by john, and as well as his family. His Mom and Dad were smart on leaving and moving to Pennsylvania. Johns birth place. But I just hope that Linda actually gets her head out of her butt. Honestly. What if she really got attacked. And when she calls wolf. No one will listen to her. And I know the thing on her selling her pills. Maybe someone needs to contact the state and let them know what she is doing. She turns around and gets stoned on that drug, and then when she gets done doing it. She takes some kind of pill and it is suppose to make it where she can calm down. Due to what the drug does to her. U may ask how do I know this. I was in the house when she was doing it. And I asked John what the F is going on. And this is what I was told. And I am so glad I am away from this family. Like I said. They put me through more than I ever needed to be put through. All of them. I lost my kids because of them. Because they made a false statement about me. And of course they listened to them. Even though I was the one that was being abused by John. No one in that family cared that he raped me, or beat me, and hurt his ex wife as well. Some Family.

    • shany frost

      stacey im john stains exwife he beat me and raped me i used to wake up with him on top of me stopped me from drinking he shot me in the back broke my fingers the day i brought our son home from the hospital he beat me up and raped me cause i turned him down thank you for adding me as well you made my day i thought i was forgotten in his victims