Obamacare myths and your benefits

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OLYMPIA — There are many assumptions about what effects of the Obamacare will be. This series aims to separate myths from realities and answer questions surrounding the Affordable Care Act.

Myth: Employers are dumping health benefits because of Obamacare.

Reality: It’s true that Obamacare is raising costs on employers. And some are either passing those increased tabs to workers or are cutting back on benefits to keep costs under control.

healthcare310x177Several employers — including UPS, Delta  and University of Virginia — have recently cited Obamacare as a source of increased costs. UPS and University of Virginia will no longer provide benefits for spouses with coverage options elsewhere. Trader Joe’s andHome Depot are shifting part-time workers to the Obamacare exchanges.

Some companies are making major changes that aren’t directly related to Obamacare, but embrace the idea of health insurance exchanges. IBM and Time Warner are moving retirees to private exchanges, while Walgreens is shifting all its employees to a private exchange next year.

But Obamacare is not the only reason behind the benefits adjustments.

“An increase in costs of a few percent isn’t enough to cause widespread changes in benefits,” said Larry Levitt, senior vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

For more on this CNN Money story, click here.

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  • guest

    what nobody in the media seems to be talking about is the skyrocketing premiums for those of us that have ALWAYS been providing coverage for our employees. our premiums have been increasing approx. 20% per year since Obama-care began! tell me, who defines "affordable", the government millionaires that don't pay for their coverage? come on media, take up this side of the story!

    • Xuven

      I agree.. Here's a fact my monthly premiums will almost double next year, and my coverage will decrease and my deduct alb will go up…. So to all the people holding signs that say thanks for my health care… What your signs should say is thanks for forcing me to buy insurance or be penalized.

      • Anonymous

        It’s funny that Medicaid in this state is extended to those who make $15,856 or less a year which works out to be 7.62 an hour at full time while the minimum wage for Washington is 9.19, therefore penalizing those this “affordable” act was supposed to “help.” All this healthcare monstrosity seems to be doing is widening the gap between the poorest and the wealthiest. Please tell me how the Democrats are for the poor working class?

        And so far no one has mentioned the board of non-elected beaurocrats who will decide what medical procedures are to be covered and what will not (and these are not even medical officials!)

  • Very disappointed

    Q13, I don't know why you changed your website to the current layout…but it is terrible. In the event that the decision to employ the current layout/format was based upon the cheapest (WordPress being free) product, you have certainly earned what you paid for. I do not plan to return to your site.
    Very disappointed.

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