Could former Marine face charges for fatally shooting suspected thief?

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MAPLE VALLEY– In a quiet Maple Valley cul-de-sac in the middle of the night, Kristen Hague found herself in a life and death situation.

“If Keenan wouldn’t have shoved me out of the way, the guy would have shot and got me,” Hague said.

Shortly after midnight Tuesday, in the 21800 block of SE 236th Place, Kristen’s nephew Keenan spotted a stranger sitting in the cab of his truck and confronted him.

The 24-year-old former Marine told police he first ordered the man to get on the ground, but when the suspect ran to a getaway car, he fired at that vehicle. He said that’s when the suspect raised a gun, so Keenan fired, killing him.

“The guy just jumped out of the car ready to shoot,” Hague said in defense of her nephew.  “The police say there is another gun and multiple rounds from a different gun.”

King County sheriff’s detectives are conducting an investigation into the shooting to determine if they should recommend that the county prosecutor file charges against the former Marine.

So were the fatal shots justified?

“That’s the million-dollar question,” attorney Jennifer Cannon-Unione said.

In Washington state, there’s a “no duty to retreat law.”

“What the law essentially says is that if you have a reasonable belief that you’re about to be attacked, then you have a right to stand your ground and fight force with force,” Cannon-Unione said.

Cannon-Unione added that it’s possible the Iraq war veteran could be charged if prosecutors find the man he shot wasn’t trying to steal the truck, but only looking to take some of his belongings.

“If someone breaks in to steal a radio, that’s a misdemeanor, not a felony.  So there would be a question on whether or not the force used, if it caused homicide, was justifiable in that particular circumstance,” Cannon-Unione said.

Hague said she has no doubt in her mind that her nephew’s actions saved their lives.

“I definitely see my life was in danger, my nephew’s life was in danger, and he did the right thing,” the man’s aunt said.

Deputies say the Honda Civic the suspect’s girlfriend was in at the scene was stolen.  She was arrested and also had an outstanding burglary warrant.

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  • S_Hunter

    If they charge the marine with a crime, I WILL consider the courts and all law enforcement enemies of citizens and supporters of criminal activity. AND I don't give a sh*! what the "law" says about that. As a matter of fact, It's beginning to look like the life of a criminal has legal support here in Washington. Hell, you take a chance of getting in trouble standing up to a criminal in this F'd up state. The only reason I don't leave is I can't afford to. (WAIT A MINUTE, maybe all I need to do is get jailed, GET A TAXPAYER FUNDED MASTER'S DEGREE "wink,wink", and then I could afford to leave). Sounds ridiculous? 20 years ago, people would have said the way courts and the "law" are nowadays would be ridiculous. Might even have said impossible.

  • Karissa

    I feel bad for this marine, he was minding his own business when a low life scum try's to take his truck. This scum and his girlfriend both have history of theft..

    As for the former marine, This hero! Now has to deal with the fact he had to shot an kill someone in SELF DEFENSE. I wish him and his family the very best. You are a hero and should be treated as one!

  • Slam1263

    If we don't kill one of these thugs once in a while, it'll get out of hand.

    Not like the police is doing anything about B&E anymore. They just send out paper work, and toss it in a #86 file.

    I guess giving out ticket is more important.

    As for the Marine, Semper Fi, and work on your grouping, It's a little spread out.

  • leroy_jenkins

    One often wonders how in the world a person becomes a p.o.s., tweeking, gun carrying thief. Well… reading on this families FB page for the dead tweeker's memorial, a person can grasp an idea of how an uncaring, cold, and callus social 'support network' can lead a person to look for substances or lifestyle choices in an attempt to fill the hole in their soul left by lack of love. You see… this tweeker/thief wasn't new to this lifestyle… in fact, several years ago he knocked up another drug user and, as is often the case, things didn't work out for the couple. His parents were able to afford 'proper' legal counsel however, where as the mother of the child was not. Even though she did get clean, and change her lifestyle and she owns the fact that she should have cleaned up before having a child, and she has had zero contact with that life for several years now… his parents took her baby away. Now, they treat her like some kind of plague, or scum of the earth, not worthy of breathing their air. Now, looking at this public page which was set-up to gather folks to pay their respects to the dead p.o.s. tweeker/thief who had not cleaned up his act for his child, or for the law; people can see how this family treats his ex. at least it IS public so that the child can find it later in life when questions come up about the father…
    I bet his parents were too concerned with their income when he was a child and had him raised by some minimum wage daycare workers and now they are trying to make their conscience feel better about it by raising his kid… well, guess what folks… YOU raised the p.o.s. tweeker/thief who didn't even have the skills to pull his own head out of his arse… Just look at how his family and friends treat his baby's mama, they act as if SHE were the p.o.s. tweeker/thief that the son WAS and which got him killed…. Please people, let the child be raised by his mother, as she does not surround herself with selfish, judgmental, non-loving people and she doesn't have a history of raising pieces of sh*t who are a detriment to our society…. and by all means, feel free to let this family know how you feel on their FB wall

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