Seattle schools supt. wants to close Pinehurst K-8 school

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

seattleschoolsThe Seattle School District is making plans to eliminate one of its K-8 schools at the end of this academic year.

According to the Seattle Times, Superintendent José Banda is recommending the closure Pinehurst K-8, Seattle’s oldest alternative school.

He says low enrollment and high costs of operating the program are factors leading to his decision.

The Times reports enrollment at the school has dropped from 273 students in 2005, to about 150 this year.  That doesn’t include about 30 children in a special education preschool at the north Seattle school.

To read more about the possible closure of Pinehurst, click on the Seattle Times story.

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1 Comment

  • Danny Littlejohn

    What the article and the district doesn't talk about is the fact that the multiple closure threats and misinformation the enrollment office puts forth are direct reasons as to why Pinehurst K-8 (aka Alternative School #1)'s enrollment numbers are dwindling. The district even agreed to assist the school in 2011 in getting the enrollment boosted, but fell short of that promise. Due in part to the change over from the Goodloe-Johnson era to the Banda era. It's a great school that again is being thrown to the wolves for reasons it can't control.
    Pinehurst K-8 (aka AS#1) parent