Grocery store employees to vote on strike this week

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

QFCSEATTLE — Thousands of grocery employees at four grocery store chains will meet this week to vote on the latest round of contract proposals offered by grocers, but union leadership says employees will likely vote to strike.

QFC, Safeway, Fred Meyer and Albertson’s would be effected by a grocer strike. A union spokesperson said employees will vote on these contract proposals this week and a strike could be announced as early as Wednesday.

Employees aren’t satisfied with their latest contract for a variety of reasons. According to the union, healthcare coverage would be cut for thousands of part-time laborers and there was no significant raise for employees in the new contract. Employees also want better holiday pay.

Union members are scheduled to vote in Lynnwood and Bremerton on Tuesday.

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  • Brandon

    We (grocery union) won't strike. It's a vote to let the companies know we want to. We won't strike, just like 2010.

    We'll voluntarily grab our ankles and say "Thank you sir! May I have another?" with whatever new contract they submit.

    The last contract was "good enough" due to the economy, but new hires got thrown under the bus. The union advised us to accept it.

    This should've been a vote to actually strike.

    • Xuven

      You always want more. You already get better pay and benefits than most people,and still want more..more..more….and most of you guys don't even realize that the store is going to make a certain percentage of profit, and will just raise prices to make it….

  • Brandon

    Bullocks. My employer has had record breaking financials the past 4 years. Explain that.

    I don't want more. I'm happy with what I have.