Ex-cop sentenced to year in jail for having sex with detained woman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

policebadgeEDMONDS —  A former Edmonds police officer will be spending a year behind bars, after he was convicted of having sex in his patrol car with a woman he had detained.  This, according to the Seattle Times

Daniel Lavely, 48, was convicted of custodial sexual misconduct last month.

The newspaper reports the judge told him he had disgraced his profession by exploiting a vulnerable woman.  Lavely resigned from his job as a cop in January.  He had been with the Edmonds Police Department for eight years.

According to the Times, Lavely first stopped the 28-year-old Seattle woman after she jaywalked across Highway 99 in Edmonds in May 2012.  The next day, he ran into her again, as he responded to a call about her running away from the emergency room at Swedish Medical Center in Edmonds.   He found her at a nearby motel and put her in the back of his cruiser.

Court documents say he then drove her to the back of a poorly lit parking lot and forced her into having sex.  Though she was not handcuffed at the time, she was detained, under arrest, and in his custody.

Lavely must register as a sex offender and remain under supervision for a year after his release.

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  • AndyBlue

    People are losing patience as one corrupt cop after another is being revealed while its the people who's budgets are cut across the board because of all the investigations, lawsuits and settlements that follow.

    In Seattle we can't even get a total of all the costs for being completely defrauded for a system of accountability that didn't exist for years.

    Its well over 100 Million and counting with the federal investigation and the millions going to this Bob Merrick who isn't really giving us accountability at all.

    Seattle… City of corruption that depends on prosecuting the people to sustain itself.

    When human filth gets a badge Everyone Pays. No where is that more proven that in Seattle Washington.

    Now take a closer look at the King County Sheriffs department…. What a pitiful mess. Millions and Millions and counting…. GONE!

  • Guest

    Unfortunately, there is no way to stop it. Whenever there are humans involved this type of thing will happen. The cops around here are screened and selected with a microscope yet they still somehow slide through the cracks.

    That might be part of the problem too. Police departments are having to hire baby faced cops because they want people with perfect backgrounds. These kids they are hiring haven't had the chance to mess up yet because they are still kids.

    Now, I don't know the age of this cop but either way, he (rightfully so) lost his career and his freedom. He's being punished for sure.

    • AndyBlue

      And one year in jail for kidnapping and rape is nothing. He will be out in 6 months. Again a prime example of holding cops to the lowest possible standard.