‘Creepy Uncle Sam’ ads attack Obamacare, create backlash for scare tactics

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

creepy uncle samSEATTLE — Generation Opportunity, a Virginia-based group known to have ties to the Koch brothers, is generating a lot of chatter for its “Creepy Uncle Sam” videos that attack Obamacare by portraying grimacing examples of rectal and pelvic examinations on a young man and woman.

The ads show the two young adults going to the doctor after signing up for Obamacare, and are aimed at deterring young adults from embracing the health care act.

The ads have infuriated many Obamacare supporters, including Sen. Patty Murray, who released a statement that said:

“This ad represents right-wing scare tactics at the most deplorable and sexist level and Republican leaders in the House and Senate should immediately repudiate these tactics and those who stoop to use them. Not doing so would represent a tacit endorsement of continued lies that are expressly aimed at intimidating women in their most private moments.

“This ad shows the utter disregard the right-wing continues to have for women, their privacy, and their ability to make decisions about their own bodies. You would think that over the past few years, as conservatives have continually tried to unsuccessfully redefine rape and block VAWA protections for millions of at-risk women, that they would have learned. However, this ad is a reminder that Republicans are ready and willing to employ any means necessary to lie and frighten young women, all for political gain.

“It’s also particularly galling that this ad comes from conservative activists who continually try to insert government between a woman and her doctor. I’ve spent my career fighting these same people on a woman’s right to choose, access to contraception, and their desire to have a say in just about every health care decision a woman makes. That hypocrisy is just another reason this ad is sickening.”   

Watch the videos here:

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  • Guest

    Settle down Patty and the rest of your soft skinned libtards. Patty is truly a liberal. You can see it in the way she to the ads. She responds not with a counter argument but with name calling and scare tactics herself. She pulls out the same ol same ol liberal go-to "republicans are racist and sexist" and want to eat your babies. First of all, she failed to mention the procedure for men depicted in this video. Does she really think women are so docile and fragile that they can't handle this type of video in there most "private moments?" Give me a break Patty. Republicans had nothing to do with this and who cares if they did? Oh that's right, you do. You want to exploit this for your own personal political game. It makes your outrage a little disingenuous. This ad was funded by a private entity. I bet you and your "liberal" friends would love to go after them and arrest them huh? In what way did this ad lie??? I bet you can't respond to that. The only one here playing scare tactics is you Patty. It's a good thing Seattle keeps electing you.

  • S_Hunter

    I believe the whole point of the ad(s) was to convey the thought that Govt. has no business running healthcare. JESUS! How asinine have our govt. officials and "some" individuals have gotten. 20 – 30 years ago, there was enough collective intelligence in this country to get the point. Nowadays. . . . ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Slam1263

    Ok, I admit it.

    I am a Republican. I have been since I was 19.

    I also have Democrat, and Independent friends.

    We all think Ms. Murray is a nut case.

    Oh, this is about Obamacare?

    Yeah, my Democrat friends say that subject is no longer allowed to be mentioned in my presence.

    I guess it was one "Your side one, eat your peas" too many.

    We still have a lot in common about it though, like the $500 a month increase most of us got from the same insurance company.

  • Anonymous

    If this is “healthcare” so fabulous Senator Murray, why aren’t you signing up for it? Why was it that when a Rebulican Senator introduced legislation that would require government officials to purchase the same types of coverage, the whole Democratic Party in Congress had a collective aneurism? Talk about a bunch of elitist jerks.

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