Weekend closures, lane restrictions impact SR 99, I-5 and I-90

Edmonds police shoot man carrying rifle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Edmonds OIS shootingEDMONDS – Edmonds police shot a 27-year old man who was reportedly walking down the street and carrying a rifle Saturday morning.  Everett police spokesman Aaron Snell confirmed that a 911 call came in around 7:30am reporting that the man was walking eastbound on Olympic View Drive.  Edmonds police officers responded and told the man to put down the rifle.  The man reportedly refused to comply with the officers request and police shot the man.  Snell would not say how many shots were fired, or if the man fired his rifle.

Snell said that the wounded man was transported to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle in serious condition.   Police have not identified the man, nor the officers involved in the shooting incident.  The Edmonds police officers involved will be placed on administrative leave while the shooting incident is investigated.

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  • b

    Washington is open carry. unless he turned the rifle on them they are outside of the law and should be charged with attempted murder. police are getting away with too much. I am more threatened by them than I am by gangs or other criminals. watch out America, a civil war is coming!

    • Brian

      That was my exact thought. I guess the Edmonds police went to the same training as the Seattle Police. Shoot first and then ask questions later.

  • Michael

    Open carry or not. If the police point their guns at you and tell you to put down a weapon, then you put down the weapon.

    After that, you can discuss the semantics of the open carry law.

  • Don

    I hope all the facts come out in this case (as if the police won't cover it up) and the guy will either turn up dead or a felon who shouldn't be carrying a weapon in the first place. But like was said above, when the law tells you to put it down, then do it,.or the trigger happy power mongers will shoot you. I just hope the County Prosecutor gets involved and brings in Higher Powers to oversee this case. This is a clear violation of someone's Constitutional Rights…..

  • Guest

    A lawful order given by a Police Officer such as "drop your weapon" is the responsibility of every law abiding citizen to obey. Open Carry state or not!

    To disobey a lawful order by a Police Officer should be considered an act of aggression besides it being a crime especially when the subject is carrying a WEAPON.

    He should feel lucky that his stupidity didn't get him killed.

    Wake up people, and stop trying to publicly prove the existence of laws already on the books!

    How about helping Police do their job instead of hindering them and wasting valuable time?

    • Guest

      Responsibility of every law abiding citizen huh??? uh sorry maybe for you but not for all. I was born a free man ruled by none. I'm not a slave to anyone.

      A lawful order is not anything that comes out the pie hole of an officer. Get a clue first. How about the Police learn the limitations of their authority and act within those boundaries then work from there.

    • Guest

      The police cannot give a lawful order to stop doing something that is perfectly legal. That would be an unlawful order. If the police roll up and tell you to stop breathing are you going to stand there holding your breath until you pass out just because a cop told you to do it?

  • what ever


  • Yayato4

    I don't know, I'm guessing that the many different 911 calls made about a man with a rifle wandering around Edmonds, might have made a few people feel threatened! I'm sure parents were not feeling real secure allowing children to play when a guy is toting a rifle around in their neighborhood. If the intent was to do no harm, then following the officers instructions to put down the gun, should have been followed! In the country, it might not seem like a big deal, but in Edmonds? Let's have some common sense, folks!

  • ...

    If we're going to disarm everyone on the streets that make people "feel unsafe" then let's start with these cops. If they were truly following a 911 report, then someone should call 911 on the boys in blue for carrying in the streets. Sure, it may be legal as well, but hey, their precedent is now shoot those carrying weapons. Shouldn't that include themselves?

    • Yayato4

      Yeah, why would we feel unsafe with some random guy wandering around with a shotgun in a quiet neighborhood..hmmm in fact, why would we even worry is somebody wandered near a school with a shotgun, it is their "right", correct? Although, there is that little problem lately with oh, let's say…shooting up schools? The problem is the reaction of the dude when asked to put down his gun. You must not have children, otherwise you just might see the danger in seeing someone toting a rifle in a quiet neighborhood! I am all for being armed, we own guns ourselves! However, I would not be so obtuse to think that there might not be some concerned calls in a situation like this! Therefore, if asked to put down my weapon, I would comply! Again, common sense here..

  • Boris

    The NRA people are extremely paranoid and when something like this happens they come out broadcasting their paranoid delusions. We're tired of gun owners believing they have some superior intellect simply because they spend thousands on weapons. Maybe someone should have stopped that crazy gun owner POS who shot the girl near Lake Stevens.

    • Dan

      Boris, you are obviously of low intelligence. You likely voted for Obama BOTH times. You sound that uneducated.
      Weapons do not cost "thousands" of dollars. You can be tired all you want. That is not my problem. I have the right to carry. In some places openly. Most people do not know that I have a Pistol on me Boris.
      It cost less than $600. It fits easily in most of my pockets. It is about 8 feet away from me right now.
      Now I'm all in favor of banning stupid people Boris. You would be in deep trouble if I had my wish granted. I would make sure you were VERY safe and away from people that make you tired Boris. Jail sounds like a safe place for you Boris. No guns except by the uniformed individuals. Free healthcare also. There is no "we" Boris. You can only speak for yourself. However since you know you hand is weak, you try to sound like many people. you are not Boris. You are one weak little man that likely has never grown a set of balls. Jail would be a very "safe" place for you Boris.

  • esco

    I don't care if I'm carrying a cup of coffee, if the cops tell me to set it down I'm setting it down. It's not that hard to figure out. And with all the maniacs shooting up movie theatres, workplaces and schools, you don't let people walk down the street with firearms in sight, period. That's a