Do you feel safe in downtown Seattle?

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metro bus shootingSEATTLE — Some say they feel unsafe while walking through the streets of Seattle.

Now a public safety committee is meeting to address the growing problem and come up with solutions.

The committee will meet every few months to talk about the problems of crime, homelessness and mentally ill in Seattle. The group is made up of cops, attorneys , city leaders and business people. Councilmember Bruce Harrell brought the group together and hopes to solve these problems.

But how many people actually feel unsafe when walking around downtown Seattle? The answers are mixed, it turns out.

Jesse Schafaer is 70 years old and his lived in Seattle for much of his life. He said he has never felt unsafe. Schafaer said, “Yea is there more nonsense going on down here, yes. But if you’re asking me if I feel unsafe, no I don’t. I’m 70 years old and I don’t feel unsafe.”

But others  say there are times when they feel uneasy, especially walking at night. Karla Belmonte walks to work by herself every morning. She said she is always leery of those around her.

“There’s a lot of homeless people on the streets,” Belmonte said.  “There’s  just fights or stuff like that. Just to see other people attacked is reason enough to get to work fast.”

Members of the public safety committee admit that throwing more police at the problem isn’t the solution. They say they will work together to come up with a plan to attack this growing problem.

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  • Kit

    The city needs to round-up the loitering vagrants of all ages. Forget the political correctness and do the profiling that leads to the trouble makers. If law enforcement can shut-down three motels in Tukwila, why can't they sweep the streets of Seattle where workers and tourists meet every day?

  • Ken Ringold

    This story is just bad reporting. According to this story, it's the homeless that are making Seattle unsafe, and that is untrue. I was homeless myself for 2 years in Seattle and the violence that I saw then, was more against the homeless, than by the homeless. This story has it backwards. the homeless are just as much victims, if not more so, than anyone else. I think a bit more research was needed for this story than was done.

  • Kim G.

    I guess if you're poor you're not wanted Seattle?.. Apparently Seattle is only for the working class, Business Men/Women, or Shoppers; kinda sounds a bit prejudice to me ?
    Wow, our society is regressing…So is this how Seattle wants to be portrayed?? SAD!!

  • Stoat

    As long as the City continues in its current trajectory of being soft on crime, being aggressively anti-law-enforcement, embracing and encouraging illegal immigrants (Seattle is a "sanctuary city") and belligerently attacking law-abiding gun owners with obviously-unconstitutional firearms restrictions this trend of people feeling unsafe will only continue. These policies are a direct reflection of the ideologies of the dominant Leftist voting public here and will doom Seattle to follow Detroit down the path to ruin, albeit at a slower pace due to Unions not being quite as powerful here as they are on the East coast. Voting matters, and if there is an interest in making the City safer it starts with the public rejecting the failed liberal ideas and embracing the ideas that have been shown over time to actually work.

    Since this is not likely to happen, the City will continue to hemorrhage businesses and intelligent high-earners, and the tax base will suffer accordingly. One of the primary roles of Government is in providing public safety, and Seattle's dominant voting demographic eagerly votes against politicians who embrace this basic concept.

  • Jay

    The other day I went downtown and in less then a minute was approached by a drugged out freak in my face begging for money. If the city continues to cater to this kind of behavior, don't be shocked when it happens to you. This is why I stay away from downtown.

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