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Texting while driving documentary to be shown to U.S. students

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As teenagers all over the country head back to school the filmmakers behind a new documentary are hoping it will inspire them to think twice before texting while driving.

Directed by legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog, the documentary ‘From One Second To The Next,’ tells the story of several people whose lives were impacted forever by distracted drivers who were texting.

The 35-minute film was commissioned by cellphone carrier AT&T.

It was released earlier this month and can be watched on the website,

On the site, teens can even make a pledge to never text and drive.

The site also shares some of the sobering statistics of texting while driving.

The film also on Youtube has already been seen by more than 2 million people.

The makers of the documentary hope to distribute it to some 40,000 schools across the country this year to spread their message.

Click here for a direct link to the website to watch the video and sign a pledge.

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1 Comment

  • Xuven

    Try an old school approach …when I was in school drug education consisted of you will get caught and go to jail…. Teach if you text and drive you will eventually have a wreak and hurt or kill someone and then you will spent the best part of your life in prison… This soft approach of pleas don't text and drive you may hurt someone…. No keep it simple " text and drive hit and hurt or kill someone go to prison no more hanging with friends no more movies no more food that actually has flavor just prison and having every aspect of every minute of you life controlled by someone else for the better part of your feature" oh and don't forget owning someone $$$$ when you get out you get to work just to give someone else a majority of everything you make….so basically you stay poor forever.