Storm slams Washington, leaving thousands without power
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Hate crime increasing against LGBT community, group says

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SEATTLE — “Take Back the Night” was the message on Capitol Hill Friday.

marchResidents say they are fed up with a spike in crime specifically targeting the LGBT community.

Dozens started the march at the corner of Roy and Broadway.

It was a peaceful march through the areas of Capitol Hill that have been hit by violence.

“When the sun goes down it’s lawless down here,” said Social Outreach Seattle spokesman Shaun Knittel.

They are hurt by the hate.

“There has been an anti-gay sentiment that has crept into the neighborhood,” said Knittel.

Capitol Hill known for its rich diversity including a large LGBT community is the last place some would expect homophobic slurs.

“People that I know and love have experienced people following them yelling things at them saying hateful things,” said Stansbery.

Social Outreach Seattle says they have heard of more cases of crime against gays and lesbians ever since same sex marriage became legal in Washington.

“The gay rights movement has accelerated lately and you are seeing push back from that,” said Knittel.

But it’s not just hurtful words they are concerned about but  it’s violent attacks and not just on the LGBT community.

“The frequency of robberies that has been happening especially nighttime, there has to be a lot of movement to make it safer in the hill,” said resident Alex Rowley.

From the all out brawls outside of bars to random beatings residents say  it’s time to take back the night and their city.

“Take care of yourself, take care of others and report crime,” said Knittel.

Some say the answer is not a cop at every corner but rather more awareness and compassion. In the meantime  the warning as the campaign reads

“No one walks alone.”

On Friday they were not just walking alone, they were marching for a better tomorrow.

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    • deodorant

      Maybe we are just tired of this institutionalized homophobia. Opposite-sex couples display their love for each other in public and nobody bats an eye. Why should we have to live with such a double standard? We will not take it anymore. We are not going to hide anymore.

  • Xuven

    The more you push something at people the more they will resent it, it's human nature…. And you guys with the purple Mohawk, leather thong, and boots with 6" spike heals…. If you want to be taken seriously just stop, take of the costume…. Because if you dress like that I don't care if you are gay straight man , woman or any variation of… people will consider you a joke…. And yes I have gay friends and it is not an issue they don't go around going I'm gay the same as I don't go around going I'm straight…. We are who we are and and nobody can change us….. I have herd people that claim to have changed saying I started out straight or I started out gay… The truth is you always were what you are.

  • Anila Abhay

    Well hate crime and violence is all over
    the country and I just finished reading a book about it. White Girl
    Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America.
    It's about hate crimes, racial crimes, mob violence, violence against
    gays.. etc. It's a collection of violence mostly have videos. You might
    not believe it but it's really happening. So scary. I think there's
    more than 50 cities.