Sea Gals ready for 2013 regular season

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‘Leave no doubt, 24/7’. That’s the Seahawks mantra for the 2013 season and it reflects their commitment to what we see every time they take the field. But the players aren’t the only ones aiming for those high standards.

“Being a Sea Gal is being your best self all of the time,” said Sea Gal Laura, a four-year veteran on the squad.

“It’s a huge and I didn’t realize how huge it was. You know I’ve grown up in Seattle but until I joined the team, I wasn’t really aware of how big it is,” said Rookie Sea Gal Zoe.

For the 34 women on this year’s Sea Gals squad, the road to Centurylink Field has been a challenging one.

“They practice pretty hard once we get into the season, they work hard, they sweat hard, we dance pretty much for two and a half hours straight, three hours,” said Sea Gal Director Sherri Thompson.

The Sea Gals show up ready to shine in 35 different dance routines. And as Rookie Sea Gal Zoe revealed, that’s just part of the routine, along with outside workouts, styling sessions and community appearances.

“It’s hard but I would expect it to be that way. And you know I really enjoy it, I love the challenge… picking up something new and expecting to perfect it by the next practice is hard work but I think that it shows and I think that’s what makes us so good,” said Sea Gal Zoe.

Sea Gal Director Sherri Thompson has been with the organization since 1981 and prides herself on their reputation as the most athletic dance squad in the NFL.

“When they start getting tired and sweaty and they can’t do it anymore, one of the terms I say is come on you’re athletes you can do it,  you’re an athlete, and they’re like you’re right we are. Here we go,” said Thompson.

And you can see the payoff every gameday.

“I remember my first year and I just wanted to pinch myself. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this…. I feel so lucky to be around these women and to be cheering for the best fans in the NFL… just makes me so proud to be a Seattlelite, to be a Sea Gal, to be a Seahawks fan,” said Sea Gal Laura.


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