Going to the game? Undercover officers will be keeping an eye on Seahawks fans

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
nfl fan fight

Photo courtesy of cafemom.com

SEATTLE — You might just find yourself sitting next to an undercover police officer at a Seahawks game this season, so be careful of what you say to that “fan” wearing the opposing team’s colors or jersey.

Police said that after they received complaints last year about fan-on-fan violence and harassment at the games and outside the stadium, they decided to send undercover officers to the games to keep an eye on things. Police said if they witness bad behavior, they are prepared to make arrests.

CenturyLink also has a code of fan conduct, which officers will enforce. The code prohibits threatening other fans, intimidating other fans and harming other fans.

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  • Guest

    This is funny! The city officials must have read some commentary or think this cities fan base is as bad as Oakland,San Fran,New York,or Cleveland ( just to name a few)b/c it's going to be a waste of time or fans yelling something as like, "shitty call ref" will be ticketed or thrown out. Also they are going for fans in the hawks nest or 300 lv. I know there is some ribbing from people, me included, but that's just the way fans of each team support. The fighting part is rediculous those are the ones to watch for not the fans who are yelling or cursing even if this silly city thinks its a family event at football games especially.

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