Remains identified as those of missing Bremerton man

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

john huntworkBREMERTON — Remains found in Dyes Inlet near Tracyton have been identified as a 20-year-old Bremerton man who disappeared in late July.

The remains were found by a boater in Dyes Inlet on Sunday. On Wednesday, the Kitsap County Coroner’s Office identified the remains as those of John H. Huntwork, 20, the Kitsap Sun reported.

Huntwork’s parents contacted police July 28 to report that their son had last been seen in downtown Bremerton July 27. He was reportedly leaving downtown Bremerton and heading to his parents house in the 600 block of North Lafayette or his girlfriend’s house in the 1300 block of Lincoln Avenue. Huntwork did not show up at either of those locations.

Huntwork’s 1991 white Honda Civic 4-door sedan was located locked and unoccupied at the north end of Elizabeth Avenue in Bremerton. Police checked the park and surrounding area near where the car was found, but Huntwork was not found. Police said there were no signs of foul play.


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  • Jes

    Which park did they search? I went to Olympic College with John. It makes me shudder knowing that something happened to not only a fully grown man, but such a nice one too. My heart goes out to his family. Stay strong.

    • Ren

      No, All of his belongings and anything of value, was at home. His bank account has not been touched, he did not have a job so no spare change.

  • McDubbleyou

    Speaking as one of John's friends, to disappear for this long isn't something he would do. He is one of the nicest friends I have and I cant believe someone would want to hurt him. John, come back home! We aren't the same without you. I miss you man.

  • anonymous

    I can’t believe this kind of stuff continues to happen in bremerton….I’ve lived here my whole life and stuff like this never happened when I was a kid………and its always the nicest strong hearted people who have to suffer :( my thoughts and prayers go out to John and his family. Please come home soon!

  • anonymous

    I thought he was reported missing Sunday evening but his car was found Saturday evening and they searched for him? Was that just a mistake or typo? But we are keeping open eyes and attentive ears with all possibilities.

  • Nichole

    I went to school with John. He was such a good and nice guy! Really hoping he is found soon! Prayers for his family.. I wish things like this would stop happening in Bremerton. I miss my home town but its always the good people. :(

  • Anna

    John is a close friend of mine , and my friends , hopefully someone knows where he is , and he turns up soon . I'm sure nothing happened , he'll just turn up one day , hahahah.

  • Angela

    I really hope he turns up. It is a horrible feeling when a loved one disappears. I am just somewhat dismayed that the Bremerton police dept. is asking for help to find a grown man when there was no help or concern when my 13 year old daughter went missing…. The Bremerton police pushed it off to the County sheriff's dept and the most I got out of that was a case number. Neither agency would take a picture or one of the flyers that were made up to circulate through the officers. We were told that a 13 year old child was "not at risk".

  • johns bestfriend

    no one finds it funny that one person who hated john still went to his memorial to “pay respects”?
    or is that just me? And detective garland never did interviews yet i found out john was going to meet up
    with someone to pick up something he even told alyssa just the day before he disappeared he was
    gonna meet up with mike. funny how they never found the 40 bucks i know he had on him. even funnier i bet everyone smoked with john and knows he loved to be one of the dudes. guess what? theyre trying to say he only had alchohol in his system yet i smoked with him that night before he left to go to his “gfs” aka our favorite beach.

    that guy gave me a ride to work every day. smoked and smiled like no other and loved like a brother.
    ill never sleep knowing the bremerton pd is saying someone like him would do something of the sort.
    i sense foul play and i know everyone else does too. god bless you john. i know it wasnt easy otherwise
    you would have come home to all of us man. everyone knows it. your loved never forget it. ill never forget you man. still got that necklace you gave me.

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