Weekend closures, lane restrictions impact SR 99, I-5 and I-90

Bellingham bicyclist shoves 70-year-old man into traffic

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Bellingham Bicyclist Assaults Man

Courtesy Bellingham Police

BELLINGHAM, Wash – Bellingham Police need your help finding a bicyclist who reportedly shoved a 70-year-old man into traffic on Friday morning.

The man was walking on the sidewalk on Northwest Avenue near Illinois Street when the bicyclist rode up from behind the man and pushed him off the sidewalk, a witness said.  The witness was the driver of an SUV, that almost ran over the man in the street, the Bellingham Herald reported.

The victim hit his head and may have blacked out, although he reportedly was talking to firefighters when he was loaded into an ambulance, the paper reported.

The man told police that earlier in the day he had seen a bicyclist riding on the sidewalk in the same general area.

The victim told the cyclist that he should probably ride in the street. The victim wasn’t positively sure that the bicyclist and the suspect were the same person.

Police searched the area for the bicyclist but could not locate him.

The Herald said that police describe the man as Caucasian with dark hair, about 5-foot-8 inches tall, approximately in his 30s, with an unshaven appearance. He wore a dark T-shirt and khaki cargo pants and carried a black backpack with a white emblem.

The victim’s condition was not immediately known.

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  • Linda

    I believe a witness snapped this pic with cell phone after the attack happened. I'm amazed they haven't found the clown yet.

    • sidrat38

      It has nothing to do with bicycle ridin creeps..

      It has to do with a creep who just happens to be riding a bike..

      He could just as easily been driving a car, and been a car drivin creep

  • Alexis

    Wow, what in the hell have some people evolved into these days? We have a bunch of clearly mentally unstable men/women/boys/girls running around shooting, stabbing, beating, bullying, and now some middle aged guy riding a bike decides to shove an elderly man into traffic?! Really? I really miss the "old" days, you know…before people started tweaking out and taking it out on the world. I have to say I am not looking forward to the future of our nation with all these sickos running loose, it's a scary thought. I really hope they catch the guy in the picture and prosecute him; then I'd wish they would place him on sidewalk and let someone twice his size/strength come up and shove him into traffic. The kicker, no one stops for him. What a mindless bast**d! People like that guy and many others in this world should have to be put down as animals do when they attack. Frankly, it seems only fair. Not to mention it would relieve the jail/prison system and lighten the population load. We don't need morons like that running around our streets. My apologies if I offended any readers, but I'm so sick of people acting like a bunch of idiots and getting away with it.