Afghan president wants compensation for families of Bales’ victims

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

bales on stand 08-22-13SEATTLE — Afghan President Hamid Karzai is calling on the American government to make things right a day after Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales was sentenced.

Meanwhile family members of the victims say Bales is a terrorist and that his sentence was unacceptable.

Bales received life in prison without the possibility of parole on Friday.

Survivors and family members of the victims say they were robbed of justice.

Even though Mullah Baran needed a translator, the pain of losing his brother needs no explanation.

“Our children is still facing that trauma,” said Baran.

Bales went on a house to house killing spree in Kandahar province on March 11, 2012.  In all 16 people were massacred, mostly women and children. One man lost 11 members of his family.

“Suddenly he found us at midnight, unarmed, therefore there was nothing we could do,” said Baran.

Baran is now responsible for his brother’s children. He says he will be returning to Afghanistan to the same village scarred by Bales, with no sense of justice.

“Receiving a life sentence it was absolutely stunning,” said Baran.

The disgraced American soldier took responsibility on the stand.

“What I did was an act of cowardice. I am sorry, I’m truly sorry. I murdered their family, if I could bring their family members back I would in a heartbeat,” Bales said during his sentence hearing.

A spokesperson for the families says there was only one appropriate sentence for Bales and that was death.

“He planned, he killed, he burned them, it’s barbaric and it’s terrorism,” said Rizwan Samad.

Karzai said the people should not be seeking revenge rather compensation.

“Even if he is given the death sentence it will not bring our happiness back to us what I want for the United States is to go back to those families and to provide them an opportunity for a better livelihood,” said Karzai.

“I don’t know about compensation, it is up to the families but the man took so many lives he has to be punished,” said Samad.

The defense said Bales snapped because of PTSD and a traumatic brain injury, an explanation Baran refuses to accept.

Before the attack, Baran says his villagers welcomed American forces today the troops are their enemy.

“When they see American forces on the streets they run back, they say Americans are back with the pistols,” said Baran.

Although Bales is serving life without the possibility of parole he can seek clemency after serving 20 years.

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  • eloise

    Afghan president wants compensation for victims?? How about U.S. Government wants compensation for the victims of 9/11 (3,000 more or less) from the Muslims who killed our Americans???? This is so ridiculous and if Ch. 13 keeps dronning on and on about the victims of this poor soldier sent by our U.S. Army four times to fight when he was probably already mentally ill, concussion, on medications administered by our U.S. Army, etc., etc.. then maybe the soldier's family should sue the U.S. Government also for repeatedly sending soldiers into combat when they are not mentally fit??? If Ch. 13 keeps commenting on the "poor" victims famiies I'm not watching Ch. 13 News anymore, how about more on what effect the soldier's family feels about having their loved one sent over there again and again and again into a war that seems now is purely for political show and now he ends up in jail for a better part of his life!

  • sutin2say

    Hey Karzai as soon as you paid those American soldier's family for the shooting and the killing by your so call Afghan soldiers you jerk off. But than again those family don't want anything your country have. Rock and dirt and poppy plants. Karzai probably spent all that money the U.S. gave him for cars and a house in the south of France so it's ready for him when the Taliban take back Afghanistan.

  • Xuven

    I say bring the troops home ALL OF THEM from every base in every country around the world. Why should we have troops in country's that don't want us there… Let them spend their pay checks in the USA and put Americans to work.. Better than putting $$$$ in the pockets of people that don't want us in their country in the first place.

  • jeff

    The Afghan President should give reparations to all of the men and women who have given their lives that put him in power. This guy has unmitigated gall!