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Hawks overtake Packers in preseason thriller, 17-10

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SehawksGREEN BAY, Wis. – Well, a win is a win. Right?

Friday’s 17-10 victory over the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field was not a blowout we’ve come to expect. It wasn’t a last-second Hail Mary win. It’ wasn’t even pretty. But it was enough to solidify a Seahawks record-breaking eight preseason victories in a row, going back to 2011.

The game could easily be described as the kind of game Hawks fans got to know quite well in the early part of the 2012 season. The Hawks’ offense looked to stutter forward behind Russell Wilson and untimely penalties, but were led by a strong defense and a tough running game.

If anything stood out Friday night, it was the penalties, with the Hawks giving up 182 yards on 14 penalties, effectively nullifying the team’s 166 yards of rushing.

Wilson looked strong on the opening drive of the game, going  71 yards in 12 plays, chomping up 7:32 on the clock. But Wilson and the offense couldn’t reach the goal line, and had to settle for a field goal from Stephen Hauschka. The second-year quarterback then seemed to lose steam, being sacked three times behind a struggling offensive line that accrued a fair share of holding penalties.

Wilson ended the game going 11-for-17 with 126 yards and two interceptions. He played much longer than his Packer counterpart Aaron Rodgers, who went 4-for-7 in two drives.

But where Wilson didn’t excel, the Hawks defense and Brady Quinn held strong. The defense held the Packers to just a field goal until 3:46 left in the third quarter, when third-string Packers quarterback Vince Young tossed a one-yard pass to Jonathan Amosa. The Hawks defense, while racking up close to 100 yards in penalties, forced two interceptions, including one late in the game near their own 10-yard line.

Rookie running back Christine Michael rushed for 97 yards on 11 carries, perhaps solidifying himself as the backup behind stalwart Marshawn Lynch.  Brady Quinn also looked strong in fighting for a backup quarterback position. Quinn started slow, but ultimately went 5-for-8 with a touchdown pass. His game was capped by a 42-yard touchdown pass to Stephen Williams with 8:58 to go in the game.

The Hawks will look to improve in many departments in their final preseason match against the Raiders on Aug. 29 at 7 p.m. at CenturyLink Field.  The game will be broadcast on Q13 FOX.

Live Updates from the game: 

[7:57] — That’s the Hawks D we know and love. The backups force a fumble as the Packers drive to the goal line. Tavaris Jackson in at QB. Brady Quinn goes 5-for-8 with 89 yards and one TD.

[7:50] — Green Bay can never get those balls in the endzone, huh? Williams takes a 42-yard long ball from Brady Quinn for a TD. Hawks lead 17-10 with 8:51 left in the fourth quarter. Has Williams earned himself a spot on the team or not?

[7:39] — Looks like the game is winding down into a fourth quarter of incomplete passes, holding penalties and miscues. We’re going to scale back on the live blog unless there are more points. One question remains: Will it be a tie game?

[7:35] — John Ryan forced to kick again. The Packers defense is blitzing something fierce, throwing the back up offensive line off balance. Packers take the ball with 11:48 left to go in the game.

[7:32] — Quinn’s not doing so hot, as he almost takes his second sack and fumbles the ball. He’s a big change from Wilson, as he’s more of a pocket passer who doesn’t like to scramble. He’s 1-for-3 so far with 7 yards of offense.

[7:26] Fourth Quarter — Hawks takeover to start the fourth quarter. Get the ball on their own 35.

[7:20] — John Ryan in to punt again. Quinn just missed a long ball to Stephen Williams. Quinn goes 0-for-1 and takes a long sack in his opening drive.

[7:17] — Jeremy Lane has a nice run back to put the Hawks in good field position. Wilson is finally out, after we said he’d be out in the middle of second quarter. Wilson put up weak numbers, going 11-for-17 for 126 yards and two interceptions, though one was a tip ball. Brady Quinn is in, and is fighting for a job against Tavaris Jackson.

[7:14] — And the Pack has tied it up at 10 apiece with 3:41 left in the third quarter. Vince Young hits Jonathan Amosa for a 1 yard pass. Young looked good on his first drive of the game, going 4-for5 with 25 yards.

[7:09] — The Packers and Vince Young are driving. Packers are on the Hawks’ 21 yard line, with Young going 3-for-4.

[7 p.m.] — Christine Michael puts the Hawks up with a long, 43-yard touchdown run. His first running touchdown of the preseason. Hawks go up 10-3 with 9:38 in the game. Packers take over with on their own 20 with Vince Young at quarterback. Harrell went 6-for-14 for 49 yards, averaging 3.5 yards per throw. Young rushes for 21 yards on his first carry.

[6:58] — Stephen Williams makes a strong case to keep a spot on the team after a long completion for a first down. Wilson is hit again shortly after the first down.

[6:53] — Wilson still in the game! And he’s sacked for the third time. Woah, don’t know if he should still be in there after the beating he’s been taking. Three sacks for 27 yards.

[6:50] — More on the penalties: The Hawks have lost 90 yards on 7 penalties, compared to the Packers 4 penalties for 29 yards.

[6:47] Third Quarter — Packers take over on their own 20 yard line to start the second half. As Tacoma News Tribune reporter Eric Williams said, it was an “ugly” first half for the Hawks. Only score three points and penalties really hampered any movement. Let see if the Hawks can pick it up here in the second half.

Hawks and Packers are all tied up, 3-3, at the end of the first half. 

[6:27] — Golden Tate returns a punt 61 yards but it’s called back because Earl Thomas run into the kicker. The Pack will re-kicks twice 42 seconds left in the first half. Tate gets some boos, as he returns the ball to the 30-yard line of the Hawks

[6:20] — Wilson throws his second interception of the game. Probably his last drive of the game, he goes 10-for-15 with 110 yards and 2 interceptions. Would have liked to see something stronger out of our big man.

[6:17] — Wilson is still in, even though Rogers has been out for at least two possessions. Hawks have a long way to go.

[6:13] — Pack goes for it on 4th down and two on the Hawks’ 4. Harrell throws what looks to be a TD pass on to Jermichael Finley for the first TD of the game.  BUT, under a booth review, the refs decide the ball comes out. Hawks takeover on their own 4 with a little more than 2 minutes left in the game.

[6:06] — And just like that, the Pack get it back. Wilson throws his first interception of the season on a tipped ball. Phil Hayward with the interception for the Packers, and they get it back on their own 46.

[6:05] — The commentators’ calls on Pete Carroll’s gum habits are spot-on.

[6:03] — Fumble-rusky. Earl Thomas recovers the ball from the Packers wide receiver a review. Hawks have the ball on their own 47-yard line.

[6 p.m.] — Seahawks have challenged the ruling on the field that a Packers wide receiver was down by contact, and didn’t fumble. A replay makes it seem like he did fumble. We’ll see if the Hawks D gets their first turnover of the game.

[5:57] — Aaron Rodgers out of the game, Graham Harrell in for the Packers. Rodgers went 4-7 with 41 yards.

[5:53] — Wilson misses on a long 3rd and 15 to Golden Tate. Hawks are forced to punt. John Ryan kicks it out of the endzone and the Packers take over on their own 20 with 10:00 left in the 2nd quarter.

[5:48] — We’re seeing some good defense here. Packers are forced to punt deep in their own End Zone. Return man Golden Tate hears slight boos from the Lambeau crowd. Wilson will take over at the Hawks’ own 42.

[5:42] Second Quarter — John Ryan in to punt after a big penalty hurt what looked to be a promising drive. Aaron Rogers takes over on his own 8-yard line.

[5:35] — Hawks looking at 2nd and 19 after Wilson was sacked for a 9-yard loss. Wilson has been sacked twice now, something you hate to see in the preseason for injury reasons.

[5:30] — Packers have to settle for a field goal after mounting a strong drive down the field. Mason Crosby hits from 38 yards out to tie the game at 3-3 with 3:07 left in the first quarter. The score caps a 52-yard drive.

[5:27] — The Packers are driving. First and 10 on the Hawks’ 24. The drive has gone eight plays for 41 yards. Rogers is 4-for-5.

[5:24] — Michael Bennett, a free agent defensive end from Tampa Bay, is injured with 5:28 left to go in the first quarter. We’ll update you when we know more about his injury. He looked to hurt his right knee, but was up and walking around.

[5:17] — A big 2nd down loss hurt the Hawks bad in the Red Zone. Hawks settle for three, and Steven Hauschka knocks through a field goal to put the Hawks up 3-0 with 7:28 to go in the first quarter. The score caps a 12 play, 71-yard story.

[5:13] — Russell Wilson hits a 3rd and 8 to Doug Baldwin to set up first and goal. Wilson is showing great poise early on, but gets sacked on 2nd and goal by Clay Matthews for a 12-yard loss. Hawks looking at 3rd down and long.

[5:10] — That’s what I’m talking about. Hawks are into Pack territory on a 3rd down completion from Wilson to TE Luke Wilson. Hawks have 3 first downs on 6 plays.

[5:08] — Two plays later and the Hawks are at their own 40. Wilson took off on the first play, gaining 15 yards with his feat. Second play of the game was a 10-yard pass from Wilson to TE Sean McGrath.

[5 p.m.] — Kickoff! Hawks will takeover on their own 20.

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