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Both sides throwing big bucks at SeaTac minimum-wage fight

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Post Card of Sea-Tac, 1950s

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SEATAC — Workers at Sea-Tac airport say they deserve to make a living wage.  And in November, citizens of the city of SeaTac will vote on a proposal to raise their salaries to $15 an hour.  According to the Seattle Times, supporters and opponents of the measure have raised nearly half a million dollars.    That adds up to around $37 a voter for SeaTac’s 11,852 registered voters.

The Times reports that ‘Common Sense Sea Tac’ has raised $243,000.  It’s a business-funded political-action committee that wants to see the measure defeated.   That money includes $75,000 from the American Car Rental Association, $50,000 from a hotel owners group, and $15,000 each from Alaska Airlines and a group of restaurant owners.

Supporters of the proposal, according to the Times, have raised nearly $200,000, mostly from union groups.

The measure would also require employers to offer paid sick leave, and to keep existing workers on the job for three months, even if the business is sold.   Opponents say the law will hurt business owners and result in fewer jobs.  Supporters say workers can’t survive on what they’re making now.

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