Gun ban at Seattle businesses goes live

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

nogunssignSo far, over 30 businesses in Seattle have decided to go ‘Gun Free’ and that number will likely grow in the coming days. On Monday, Mayor McGinn and supporters announced a new plan to institute gun-free zones at area businesses. Everyone from ice cream parlors to yoga studios have signed up.

The move is a response to recent violence in Seattle and a lack of action from D.C. and Olympia.

Gun advocates don’t like the new plan saying that it attacks their way of life. This morning we will have live reports on the new gun ban and ask people what they think.

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  • Matt

    All businesses have always had the right to ask that their customers do not carry weapons into their stores. Its nothing new. The part that violates the by laws of the land is the mayor pushing for it. He is, at the state level, violating the Washington constitution.

  • joe

    What else do you expect from moonbats? Crime will go up, they cry about guns not about letting out the criminals who do the shooting and killing becuase their black, like the tuba man killers free to go and commit more crime while at the same time the libtards fear law abiding citizens who are not causing violence or crime, they want the people to be hog tied like animans by the law and then slaughtered by the thugs like aninmals. Look at the three carbonies that just shot the white jogger for the fun of it, people need the rights to shoot back.

  • Cliff

    Can we make the gun banners responsible for the weapons stolen out of the vehicles they have to be left in? Will the parking lot's of these businesses now be a target for those looking to steal firearms?

    Any business that want to ban the legal carry of firearms should be required to supply safe storage for thsoe firearms so they cannot be stolen.

  • John Fuller

    This will insure that law abiding citizens will not be armed while criminals continue to do what they do… Remember Cafe Racer? There was no need for armed law abiding citizens was there?

  • Jrita

    Are they going to frisk everyone to find out if they have a concealed weapon? You can put a sticker on your widow for the cause, but criminals are not going to abide by the law.

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