Commentary: Score a TD in Green Bay, Golden – But please don’t take that leap!

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goldentateWe start by putting our spotlight on what I call: “Operation, Golden Tate.”

The Mission: To get the Seahawks receiver to Lambeau Field and back to Seattle uninjured and unharmed.

We know this Friday’s preseason game in Green Bay will be the most overblown and overhyped story this week. So why not tackle it first? After the controversial way the Packers game ended on Monday Night Football last year, we know the fans in Green Bay have been waiting for Friday’s game for awhile. Preseason or not – they’re itching to give the Seahawks – and Tate in particular – a taste of their own medicine.

Even Tate knows it, as he said to Ian Furness and Jason Puckett last week at training camp on Sports Radio KJR:

“I’m gonna need to bring security, a SWAT Team and everything. I’m gonna have a whole city against me,” said Tate, about the upcoming trip.

Which brings us to a sight Seahawks fans would love to see – but worry about Tate’s safety: Golden Tate scoring a touchdown in Green Bay – and making the Lambeau Leap.

I’m not in Golden’s head, but my gut tells me that deep down inside, he’d love to do it. After all, you’re talking about a guy who leapt head first into the Michigan State band when he was at Notre Dame.  We loved his risky leap into the endzone against the Vikings last year too, since it resulted in a score.

Interestingly enough, when Tate was in college, his head coach Charlie Weis said this about his charismatic leaps: “(Golden) said he wants to go to the Packers. He said his ultimate goal is to play for the Packers, so he just wants to get ready.” (Source: WNDU article, 2009)

But making the Lambeau Leap as an opponent? Hasn’t always gone so well.

Sure, Chad Johnson did it a few years ago when he found two Bengals fans in the front row. Vikings cornerback Fred Smoot wasn’t as lucky – was denied by Packers fans, who threw beer at him and pushed him down six years ago.

But you’re talking about the guy who was at the center of the most controversial call last season – in the house of the team that he beat.

Please, Golden – score the touchdown. Score two or three of them. Even tease the Packers fans from the endzone. But don’t take that leap.

If Pete Carroll even addresses it with him, it’ll be brief. A simple “Be smart, Golden” will suffice. But they’re words that need to have more of an effect than whatever allowed Russell Okung to run with the bulls in Spain.

This week, the hype will be huge. Verbal shots will be fired – hopefully not by the players, but surely by the fans.

So let’s get Golden Tate into the endzone at Lambeau – then back to Seattle unharmed.

It’s still the preseason. And Golden, we need you in 2013.

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