Protecting yourself from bank deposit dangers

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zzzzzQ: What are some tips people doing late-night bank deposits can use to stay safe? — Wade in Seattle

A: Thanks Wade, you know that’s an excellent question. Let me give you a common sense approach. If you’re going to make a bank deposit, always have someone go with you. The person with you should be looking away as you make the deposit. They’re looking out for anyone coming , or someone loitering in the area, which brings me to another point. If you’re walking into the bank deposit area and you see someone loitering, forget it. Don’t make your deposit at that time. Often times you can’t do it during banking hours, but if you do, make sure you always have someone with you. [ADD]And the last thing, do not carry the cash in a ‘cash bag’ or ‘money bag’, you always should disguise it with a paper sack, or something that does not look like a normal cash deposit bag. If you follow these safety tips, you’ll be safe also. — Ret. Det. Myrle Carner with Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound

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