New plan to stop violence in Seattle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.




Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and Interim Police Chief Jim Pugel will announce later today a plan to cut down on violence in the downtown area in the wake of Monday’s shooting of a Metro bus driver.

Business leaders and the public have complained about an increase in violence in the downtown corridor and how they often feel unsafe.

The news conference is scheduled for 1:30.



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  • Andyblu

    They are the reason crime is rising. They got away with defrauding the entire city for years for a system of accountability that never existed. They have repeatedly been caught lying on arrest reports taking innocent peoples freedom. The Seattle Police Union aided this massive fraud by instructing all officers to take the fifth stopping all investigations in use of force complaints which amounted on average to 3 PER DAY! and that is just 2011. That is just those who filed complaints. THAT IS PURE CORRUPTION! THAT IS FRAUD ON THE CITY OF SEATTLE!

  • Andyblu

    Now ALL budgets have been cut across the board including help for the poor, help for people with mental problems, help for the elderly and homeless… Your taxes, school budgets and the most aggressive ticketing campaign Seattle has ever seen while the entire Seattle police department received retroactive raises going back to 2010 just his past month. EVERY SINGLE OFFICER. Its like the entire city of Seattle is being held hostage by its police department and there is nothing we can do about it. And on top of that nearly 100 percent of all Seattle cops do NOT even live in Seattle. It is Frightening what these crooked abusive pieces of garbage have gotten away with and continue to get away with. NO ONE has been charged with the massive list of crimes committed by the Seattle police department as a whole for this massive fraud committed by the Union and Police department OR individual officers. NO ONE! Ask yourself… Where was Pugel during all this? Does he claim ignorance to this massive theft and fraud committed on the tax payers by his department?

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