Maple Valley man shoots 2 home-invasion suspects

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

armed robberyMAPLE VALLEY, Wash. — A 38-year-old man shot at two robbery suspects fleeing his home shortly after breaking free of constraints the suspects placed over his wrist Tuesday night, the King County Sheriff’s Office said.

The Maple Valley man was in his home at an undisclosed location when two men entered the house, bound and assaulted him. The suspects then rifled through the victim’s belongings, police said, and stole several guns, drugs and money. The suspects — a man and a woman — then fled the scene.

As the suspects fled, the victim was able to free himself from the ties and grab a weapon. He ran outside and shot at the fleeing car, but the suspects continued to drive away.

Police said they received reports of individuals throwing guns out of a car down a busy Maple Valley road a short time after the victim called police to report the robbery.

On Tuesday night, a man in his 30s was dropped of at a Maple Valley 7-11 store with an apparent gunshot wound to the face. A second person drove herself to an area hospital with a gunshot wound to the buttocks. The suspects were treated, officials said, and it is unknown if they were released from the hospital or are in police custody at the writing of this report.

Detectives are still investigating the case. Anyone with information regarding the crime is encouraged to call the King County Sheriff’s Office Major Crime’s tip line at (206) 263-2130.

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  • Michael

    isnt it illegal to shoot at people running away from you let alone chasing them out of your house? as far as i know once they leave there not a threat and you can get introuble.

  • Stoat

    Michael, in this case the perpetrators demonstrated a willful, immediate and dire threat to the lives and safety of others as a result of their assaulting the homeowner and tying him up. Lacking any other aspects to the case, the homeowner would ordinarily be entirely justified in using lethal force if he were simply a decent, law-abiding homeowner minding his own business, as he is protecting others from immediate harm by stopping these thugs and the threat that they represent to the community.

    That being said, this does indeed sound like a drug deal gone bad as Skip mentioned and there is probably a LOT that is being left out of this story. The homeowner may not have much of a leg to stand on as a result in his own criminal involvement with this matter.

    • Michael

      i know what your talking about but he "ran out side" and shot at them in there car. as far as i know once the intruder or threats leave ur supposed to call the pigs or they want you to at least.

    • Michael

      probly will shoulda shot them in the house so he can proove self defence cuz anyone running from your home is no longer a threat and shooting someone in the ass or back definatly throws self defence out cuz they where fleeing

  • Matt

    How’ he get the woman in the a$$ if she were in a car sitting? Bad luck on her part.
    Certain drugs are legal in the state now. That said I do think that shooting them as they left was a bit much a bit late. Washington law will protect to a certain extent to shooting an invader in the home. Outside the home and he will face charges. No matter the circumstances.

  • Nick

    Definite mistake to shoot at them while they were fleeing. As others have stated once they are leaving/running away they are no longer a threat to you in the eyes of the law and therefore he will most likely face charges. A shame considering if these scum were "good" human beings the homeowner would have never been put in this position. Hopefully they will get whats coming to them and then next robbery they perform will not end so plesently for them