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911 dispatcher lends wedding dress to caller in need

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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TACOMA — First it was extreme bad luck. Then it was a twist of fate.

A bride-to-be who had her wedding dress callously stolen from her car got more than she could have hoped for — aside from getting her dress back — when she called 911 dispatch to report the crime, according to a feature story by the Tacoma News Tribune.

According to the News Tribune, the unnamed bride-to-be called 911 to report her wedding dress stolen from her car Sunday morning in Kent. The tearful bride explained to the dispatcher — named Candice in the News Tribune article — that the wedding was scheduled for Sunday night, and unless a miracle came through, she would be without a dress on her wedding day.

Luckily, dispatcher Candice had a solution. She was married 18 months prior, she told the tearful bride, and she would gladly lend her dress to the unfortunate woman. Candice sent a text picture of the dress to the bride, who believed it would fit.

Soon, Candice was employing half of her family to help her secure the dress that was stashed away at her parent’s place in Gig Harbor.

“Brandon (Candice’s husband) went and got the key, then drove to the house in Gig Harbor and the key didn’t work,” Candice told the newspaper. “He called my brother back, and it turned out he’d given him the wrong key. So my brother drove to Gig Harbor with the right key.”

After some lucky encounters and the assistance of others, Candice’s dress was delivered to the bride Sunday afternoon. The bride and groom were married, and the wedding went off without a hitch in the borrowed dress, the News Tribune reported.

Candice still can’t believe what a stroke of luck it was to have the discouraged bride call a female dispatcher with a dress.

“If she wasn’t my size, it wouldn’t have worked,” Candice told the News Tribune. “If my husband had gone camping instead of staying home., I couldn’t have gotten the dress.”

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